Thursday, October 30, 2014

i could kick myself from here to transylvania

Hubby found the Halloween ornament box last night in the garage WOOHOO! So I attacked it this morning and ... the tree skirt (well, not really a tree skirt, that makes it sound really cute and great - nope! it was just a circle of felt I had cut out) was nowhere to be found.

Woe is me. I am so sick of myself, so tired of not being organized and not knowing where stuff is WAH!

Thank heavens I was able to retrieve my black felt out of the box destined for Good Will - LAST WEEKEND, but never made it - and make another.

But of course it wasn't that easy ... the first one I made was too small and so I had to cut a larger one out. Well I don't have anything large enough to trace around so I had to measure all around the one that was too small and increase it by a couple of inches. Can we say TEDIOUS?!

I'm pretty sure I'm wearing my cranky pants today - I'm on day three of a miserable headache and poor Missy has um, intestinal woes today (she ate something that we won't discuss here EWWW and ARGH) and keeps needing to go out. So it's been quite a day so far between one thing and another.

I found these cute ornaments above, that I had forgotten I had bought though ... wonder what else I've hidden from myself hahahhahaha

Happy Halloweenie! Wishing you lots of Halloween candy! [Snickers and Butterfingers are my favorite nom nom nom]


  1. Those owls are so very cute!!

    Hope tomorrow is a better day!,

  2. As my therapist would say, "Quit Shoulding On Yourself!" :)
    I "should" be more organized, I "should" have cleaned the house, I "should" have taken a walk instead of watched T.V. etc. This is what we do to ourselves, and it doesn't feel very good.
    You managed to dig out your ornaments, make a tree skirt by hand, and deal with headaches and a sick Dog???? I'd say you did great...and so would my therapist! :)
    Hugs- Erica