Friday, October 3, 2014

rosanne cash

My stinking Verizon email has been down for more than two and a half days now - sometime Tuesday it went down for me. The funny thing is that I was able to pick up my email on my phone while I was in Westwood Village (a few miles at most from me???) twice this week - once at the eye doctor and once at UCLA. So they are indeed giving the commercial and big users priority on service. I couldn't even get my email at 6 AM today. GRRRRRRRRR 

Went to the eye doctor on Wednesday since I continue to have flashes of light in my eye ARGH. She said that this is longer than usual for these episodes and healing, but not unheard of. Oh good grief. Of course I would be out of the realm of normal. LOL Back in two months to be checked again, unless something happens in the meantime. So. sick. of. this. 

Had the pleasure of seeing Rosanne Cash in concert last night at UCLA. Great concert, love her! For the first portion of the evening she performed her new album, The River and The Thread, from beginning to end, with interesting anecdotes in between about the songs and cute banter with her husband. I don't think I've experienced a performance of an entire album before, from start to finish, and it was really nice. After the intermission she did songs from earlier albums. 

The only damper was a giant of a man sitting in front of me, when he stood up he loomed about 6'5", just kept getting taller and taller - just about obliterating my view of center stage and Rosanne Cash. And he kept scratching his head all evening ... up went his arms and out came his elbows like wings ... ay yi yi. I had to lean towards the complete stranger next to me - thankfully she was very nice, since I was practically in her seat with her hahahhahaha.

Off to see "Gone Girl" this morning ... which ironically I didn't care for the book at all but am so curious to see what they do with it since it's getting good reviews.


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