Tuesday, October 21, 2014

one year on ...

Today is one year since my husband had his cancer surgery. Thank you so much - sending much love and gratitude to everyone who has had David and me in their thoughts, prayers and hearts on this journey.

Doing a lot of organizing and hopefully even more getting rid of stuff over here. (Re)Found this fun cloth of my mom's this morning - so many things boxed up and brought home in 2011, to wait until I could figure out what I wanted to do with them and time to be able to let go. Slowly (well, ever so slowly!), things make their way to Good Will.

I'm sure those are meant to be peacocks above, but I'm pretending their turkeys today LOL , since the cloth is yellow with brown embroidery.  I'm hopeless at photography and couldn't get the color right. 

My mom had lots of these small cloths - I guess for card tables but they seem like they'd barely fit over the edges??? 

Happy week to you!


  1. That's wonderful news for hubby. That's a pretty linen.

  2. I am sure the year has been a difficult one. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I still am going through my Mom's things from 2003 so your ahead of me!

  3. Amazing that a year has passed since David's surgery. So good that all continues to go well.

    Love the sweet cloth. Looks like a breakfast or luncheon cloth. Sometimes they were made to fit card tables. Remember those?

    You are donating to a good cause, and some lucky person will come along and give it a good home.