Saturday, October 4, 2014

gone girl

Sweltering heat in Los Angeles and off we went to the coolness of the theater yesterday morning, to catch opening day of "Gone Girl" before the crowds made it an impossibility. 

I didn't care for the book - the main characters were both so despicable (and I didn't find the male characters voice particularly well written) - although I did enjoy all the plot twists. Very clever. Don't you love it when a mystery writer keeps you guessing?

Hater, that I was, I did like the movie though, if one can use the word "like" about this story. I don't know if it was due to the passage of time in between the reading and then viewing and having an emotional breather/rest or being prepared for all that was to come?

Two and a half hours long and I didn't notice the length at all.

I'm hoping it's our Santa Ana Winds and/or not enough sleep for two nights and not a relapse of my bug - because my sinuses and throat feel really bad. Drat drat drat. We've been having extreme temperatures again and winds whipping everything up.

Heat heat go away, don't return another day, darn you.

I was hoping to go to the Antiquarian Book Fair today but felt lousy and pooped out - it was 101 yesterday in Pasadena and supposed to be even hotter today. BLECH! Maybe tomorrow, I hope hope hope.

Like an idiot ... I stepped foot in a bookstore today and not being able to come home with the book I had gone to B&N for (Lena Dunham), bought two other books and three magazines. Hanging my head in shame. I (think I) have managed to avoid the purchase of magazines all year long and fell off the wagon with a resounding thud. Stampington mag's should be classified as an illegal drug. I cannot resist the holiday issues. They fill you with euphoria and leave you with remorse. 15 smackers for your fix.

Sally, in the doldrums with buyers regret


  1. Hey Sally...
    We're in the 40s here in NE Ohio...I wish I could send this to you & you could send some SUN & heat! I hope you feel better soon...those Santa Anas used to bother my sinuses something awful...but I'd still rather be on the Left Coast!

    Enjoy your magazines...I don't buy Stampington's anymore...can't afford them.

    1. Hi Debbie!
      40 degrees! I sure wish we could trade a bit of each other's weather, that would be wonderful. We've had summer all year long, it seems.
      I can't afford these extravagant mags either - need to leave the plastic at home. And I'm never going to make any of the projects in them, only in my dreams. So silly. Oh well, they bring smiles and inspiration.
      Hope you're feeling better!

  2. I'm anxious to see the movie too, I read the book, it was just ok for me, not as excited by it at so many.

    Magazines prices are getting crazy, I hardly buy them anymore, sadly....

    1. Hi Jill!
      I often wonder how Stampington/Somerset stays in business with their prices so high?! They're gorgeous publications, that's for sure.
      Ive cancelled all my subscriptions except for Sunset and Martha Stewart - and I think I've finally tired of MS and won't renew. Now if I could just stay out of bookstores LOL

  3. I love the Somerset magazines, too. When I have one, I love the feel of the paper and the beautiful photography...I like to think of them as soft cover inspiration books. I don't get them all but always buy Somerset Life and the Holiday issue. I just wallow in the pages...and I save those from year to year. I have to admit that I am a magazine junkie and so many publications are becoming e-magazines which are just not the same. I am sorry for your oppressive heat. We are finding October temps in the 70's is in the low 50's in Pittsburgh, Delaware is much milder.
    Hope you have some relief soon and feel better!

    1. Hi Joyce!
      I hope you're beginning to feel settled in and cozy in your new home and city! It's a long process, huh?!
      Me too, I've been a magazine junkie since my mom got me my first subscription to Seventeen magazine a lifetime ago. :) I loved fashion and I dreamed of being a fashion designer as a teenager. And then home magazines came along and then craft magazines and the biggest faves, holiday mags. I'm with you, e-mags are hard to get dreamy over.
      Wishing you lots of fun exploring your new hometown!

  4. Sally, I'm exactly like you and can't say no to those darn Stampingtons when I go to BanN. They are filled with so much inspiration and fun...and there's nothing like sitting down with one of those mags and a cup of coffee or tea! Let's not feel bad about doing something that we enjoy so much! But darn them for their $15.00 price tags!

    1. Hi Erica!
      Hoping this means your computer has returned home from R&R at the computer hospital?
      Okay, I'll stop kicking myself now :) So hard not to succumb to those mags! I am sure they have magic dust sprinkled on them. So glad I'm not alone. I do need to say no though darn it - there's no room in my tiny house for any more, we're already overflowing. WAH. Or I could add on a room hahahaha
      Happy Sunday

  5. Well, I break down and buy Flea Market Style, 10 bucks. Thankful it is only quarterly. :) Where do you find the Stampingtons? Only B&N? Don't beat yourself up too badly, we all have to treat ourselves sometime.

    I couldn't put Gone Girl down, but thought the characters were a bit much, with a very strange relationship for a married couple. I was hooked on the story though and thoroughly enjoyed the book. Glad to hear the movie is well done.

    I'm late reading The Book Thief, loved it, but just got the movie from the library and while it was good, a lot was glossed over and missing. I had to keep giving extra info to my hubby so he could totally follow it.

    Feel better, get that eye taken care of post haste! xo, Pam

    1. Hi Pam!
      Hope you happy campers had a great time away, hunting the wild broccoli!
      The Stampington/Somerset mags are at B&N, Michaels, Joann's, and other bookstores and craft stores. Not really beating myself up - guess my humor doesn't come across in my writing.
      The Book Thief is in my TBR pile - hoping to get to it one of these days. So many books, so little time, darn it.
      I liked the suspense and twists and turns of Gone Girl but hated the characters, so ugly. I was sick when I read it and a captive audience and the cleverness of the twists kept me reading. I know we naysayers are in the minority.
      Woe is me. I've been to the eye doctor multiple times (something like seven or eight times in less than four months) and thats all I can do for my eyeball at this point, make sure I don't have a retinal tear. Its a waiting and watching and crossing all appendages game.
      Happy week to you!

  6. Oh I love the Stampington magazines too! I know 15 each copy, but they are worth it, and always so lovely on the inside! I just love looking at the Flea market Style, and the Jewelry Affaire one too! They always get me! I try to be good as well....but sometime that just does not happen! haha. I always try to respond to your posts, you always leave me such wonderful comments, but you are a "nonreply" .....I think you might be able to change it in your settings ....if you wanted :) Hope you feel better and wishing you some cooler weather! I can't believe you are still getting 101 degrees! Our high today is 58. It's been chilly in the evenings! If you would like a cup cozy of the cream/tweed color and an orange pumpkin I can make one for you! :) I'll be listing one in my Etsy shop later today, no string attached if you don't want it though!! :) Happy new week!! xo Holly

    1. Hi Holly!
      I'm not sure why my blog says it's no-reply? I just have comment moderation on because I was continually being slammed my spam and robots. You can always leave me a comment and I will receive it in my email and reply :)
      I think I'm going to start petitioning everyone with nice Fall weather to send me some and in return I'll send some warm blue sky weather!
      Yes please, I'd love one of your creamy tweed with pumpkin cozies! I'll leave you a message on your blog now.
      Happy Monday!

  7. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know two will be perfect, and I just listed them in my shop for you! :) Thank you so much!! xo Holly

    1. Hi again!
      Got your email and just purchased the two cozies. Thanks bunches! xo