Thursday, May 22, 2014

my mothers hat

There were many heart tugging treasures to be found at my parents house after my father passed away. One box yielded my mothers knitted baby bonnets, a tiny chemise, a baby pillowcase and this knitted hat.  I had the feeling that I had seen her wearing it in a photo? I looked and looked and couldn't find the photo again in the mountain of things I had brought home.

Three years down the road - how can the third anniversary have already passed?! I happened to be looking for another family photo and looked through this photo album that my mothers Aunt Agnes kept of her beloved family. Aunt Agnes was unmarried and lived at home with her parents and passed the time adoring all her siblings children and keeping the family memories. She would continue this loving care of her family through the next generation, sending me and my brother greeting cards for every occasion and slipping a couple dollars in at birthday time.


And so I found this photo ... I can't be a hundred percent sure since I can't make out the details of the hat but I believe it is the same one. 

Aunt Agnes has lovingly written "Claire, 1930" ... my mom would have turned nine that year.

Feeling so wistful as June approaches, the month of my mothers birth and Fathers Day. Missing my family so much. 

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  1. What a sweet story about Aunt Agnes. Thank you for visiting my blog. Dianne

  2. Your Aunt sounds very very special. What a treasure to have all those photos. Such a pretty hat. A darling picture of your mother as a young girl. Thinking of you!

  3. Your Aunt sounds so much like my Aunt Annie, the things she kept we treasure so now..her diaries that tell about my Dad's birth etc. You are like me, we miss the ones that are gone, holding these items and pictures makes us feel closer to them. I wish I could thank my great Aunt, thanks to her I know more about those that came before me. Thank you for sharing your story of the hat. We miss them so because we loved them so.

  4. What a sweet post! We never forget those that are gone....

  5. I love old family photos. Your Mother looks so pretty in her sweet hat! How terrific thst you have the hat now. Hugs, Pam

  6. Old photos are so neat to have, especially of your own family! What a sweet hat, it looks lovely on your mom and how nice to have it now, a lovely treasure to have!! :) xo Holly

  7. Ooops, forgot to say I hope you have a wonderful Memorial weekend!! :) :)

  8. A truly beautiful post!! We carry our loved ones who have passed on with us in our hearts so they are never far from us...

    Thanks for your visit!!


  9. Oh that MUST be the same beautiful hat! It sounds like Aunt Agnes was such a sweetie. I hope that doing a post like this brings up some special memories of you and your Mother. The picture is adorable.
    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Sally!
    Erica :)
    ps. I need to catch up on your last few blog posts!

  10. Lovely post, Sally. I love the photo of your Mom wearing the beautiful hat. I was just looking at old photos and I like the cool borders around the pics.