Thursday, May 1, 2014

an affaire at downton

YIPPIE YIPPIE! At long last, it's finally here, the first day of An Affaire at Downton! I'm running behind as usual and I woke up with a rotten headache. GRRRRR Today is just the vendor fair this evening (that's the sound of rapidly diminishing funds in Sally's bank account, you hear LOL!), classes start tomorrow.

I've been told to be prepared to have my mind blown. Hoping to get some pictures taken to share with you guys but I always forget (so apologizing in advance) - the time flies by, as if the hours were minutes.

If you're a lone crafter (like me) and you've never been to a craft class and wish you could, I hope one day you'll be able to attend one. I don't know about you but no one in my real life shares my love of crafting, so its so much fun to be in the company of other people who are as nuts as you are over fibers and papers, etc.! Everyone is friendly, excited and giggling - instead of your family and friends responding with their eyes glazing over and beating a hasty retreat in the other direction, away from crafty you.

Here's to a happy crafty weekend to everyone!


  1. Know you're going to have a fantastic time! We've got nothing like that here, have to search to see how far I'd have to travel. Please remember to at least take a few phone photos! :)

  2. Enjoy and have a wonderful time!! I am truly excited for you!! I will have a painting weekend at the in of this month - so I do know what your are feeling!! DO take pictures!!

  3. Sounds so fun!! You will have such a fun and wonderful time I'm sure!! Can't wait to here about it, and maybe you'll be able to sneak a couple pictures in!! :) Exciting!! Have a wonderful crafty time!! xo Holly

  4. Have a wonderful time and I hope you share your finished product with us! Please sneak a few pics!!

  5. Ive been seeing pictures from some of the girls popping up on facebook. Looks like a wonderful time! cant wait to hear how it went for you!
    dont keep us waiting too long.

  6. Can't wait to hear about it! I hope you had the time of your life!


  7. I'm kind of a lone crafter too, although our daughter is an art major and shares creativity with me. The blogs have really been great for connecting with fellow crafters.