Thursday, June 5, 2014

OUCH and a bit of blabbering

Throwback Thursday - late 70's ...
Having fun at the pool - look at the size of those glasses!!!

argh. I had this grand plan of simplifying my life and getting rid of stuff and I was really making head way. But boy, did I ever over do it! I strained my back and now it hurts to move. OUCH! whimper whimper whimper

Yesterday I had fun working on my family genealogy on, iPads are a wonderful thing for those unable to get up off the couch due to their labors hahaha ... I am hoping to get some letters written to relatives today, in the pursuit of more info and familial connection. I found letters from a distant family member (written around 1990) to my mother, who was interested in researching our shared ancestors too. Fingers crossed he's still alive please please please, he'd be in his 80's now.

And since I'm out of commission over here, while I'm resting, I'm also house cleaning my computer life and doing some "UN-Pinterest-ing" ... I had Followed every board of so many pinner's, ay yi yi ... so now unfollowing boards I have no interest in. This may be quite a project LOL!

Wish I had a book I was excited about to read - read anything good lately? I need a page turner! I am reading a good book but it's HUGE and I feel my interest waning ... I have a hard time hanging in there with long books these days. Missing the days of reading paperbacks at the beach or by the pool during the summer. 

It feels like summer over here already ... warm days and hubby's summer break quickly approaching. 

Hope this finds you all well and happy! 


  1. Just finished Golden State by Michelle Richmond. Not too long, easy to get into, good read.

    Sally, you have had your share these past few months. A bum back is no fun. Pamper yourself and get better. xo, Pam

    1. How could I forget to comment on your photo! Love it!! Retro glasses are back in style, but I can't go that big again, lol.

  2. Oh no!! Please take care, hope the back gets better soon. Why does something like that happens when we are trying to do something productive? But then genealogy is a GREAT way to pass the time. I have 6 days off coming up and am going to devote the time just for that.

  3. I think I had those glasses. ;) And I know all about getting Rambo on projects only to be sidelined by my poor back. Rest rest rest. I LOVE We've been working on ours for a few months. It's incredible the things we've found out.

  4. oh dear.. hope your back is better soon. as for books, Im not much of a reader, but I did just read "finding me" by Michelle knight. not a happy book.. but a page turner non the less. Michelle is one of the three girls that was held hostage for 11 years by that wacko man in ohio. Im glad I read it and that she got away in the end.. but it is terribly hard to know that there are so many wack jobs out there. anyways.. maybe Mary Poppins would be a better choice! lol!
    Have a great weekend.. relaxing!!

  5. I hope your back pain doesn't linger long. I've got big purging plans for the summer, especially in the toy area of our basement. It seems like my reading lately has been contained to professional things for work or decorator/gardening type magazines. Should I confess that blogging is my favorite kind of reading? Hugs!!

  6. Sorry to hear about your back sprain!! I had back problems in the 90's and was about to have back surgery, but instead I got a breast reduction and didn't have to have the back surgery. But it's not fun when you hurt and can't do anything!!
    awesome that you're on ancestry!! It's the best!! I've used it for the last 10 years!! Can't go wrong with all the sources! Heal and feel better!