Thursday, May 8, 2014

downton day 2 - swaps, etc.

(I'm doing this as a sort of diary for myself but I don't know about you, I'm boring my own self over here LOL. So if you're still listening, you're real troopers for reading this and thank you!)

Wonderful gifties from Patty! Thank you!

OH! The most fun thing is to meet fellow bloggers at these things but I'm such a shrinking Violet. Well, I got to meet darling Patty of Patty's Pretty Things. We had talked about meeting on FB and she kindly sought me out and came and talked to me and also gave me darling die cuts. Thank you so much for your kindness Patty, such a delight to meet you! 

I won this wonderful raffle packet from Hope Wallace + an online course! WOOHOO!

There were raffles all day long Friday and Saturday. On Friday I won an item from Hope Wallace, an ephemera package PLUS an Online E-Course of my choosing - couldn't have been more perfect for me. I adore Hope's style!

 Souvenir booklet Make and Take with Hope Wallace

And after dinner, there was a Downton souvenir Make and Take with Hope.  Hope is so darling, and her souvenir idea for our time at this wonderful event was so charming. Looking forward to finishing mine!

There were NINE different swaps ... nine! And all so lovely. Everything was scheduled, so we could see all of the swaps.

Ephemera Souvenir Journal
Fans of Downton
The Abbey Apron
Highclere Haute Headband
Keep Calm and Carry On Clutch
That's My Cup of Tea
Vintage Linen Sampler
Secrets Keeper Vintage Coin Purse
Lady Mary's Altered Glove Storage Box and Gloves

 My sampler for my secret swap partner

I was absolutely terrified of joining a swap. But then I thought I'd regret forever it if I didn't, so I joined the Vintage Linen Sampler Swap.

I'm surprised I'm not wearing a straight jacket and writing this from a rubber room - I about drove myself nuts making my sampler for my partner. I kept changing things, I was so worried about being part of this group of uber talented ladies.

Vintage Linen Sampler Swap Group (Patty! You're missing!)
I'm in the back row, second from left, holding my wonderful 
sampler given to me by Robin, front row, farthest right.

And it was like being in school all over again. We had to go up to the front of the room and present our gift to our partner, in front of the whole room - torture for me. If I could have, I would have run away. After everyone had received their gift from their secret partner, we had a group photo taken. So sorry you missed being in the photo, Patty!

I hope my partner liked hers - I tried so very hard but I just wasn't equal to the talent in the room. Sorry! I feel so disappointed in myself. WAH!

I know I LOVE LOVE LOVE, beyond words, the one I received from my partner!!! Not only is it stupendously wonderful, she came up to me Saturday morning and gave me and antique embroidery hoop hanging, saying she had forgotten to give it to me the night before. Thank you thank you thank you Robin for everything!

Look at all the vintage goodness you guys! She wrapped it in the crocheted scarf and tied it with the pink scarf - the pink fabric is also used as the ruffle at the bottom of the sampler.

And the old ad at the top! "Make plain things beautiful with ... " - oh my gosh, so fantastic.

And all the vintage lace, buttons, bling, etc.!!!  And I adore the vintage hoop.

I'm besotted with it all.

More to come ...


  1. Stop doing that to yourself! Your sampler was wonderful. It came from your heart and that shows. Your partner will absolutely treasure it.


    1. Hi Claudia! You're a big sweetheart and so kind of you to be so supportive. I suffer from major low self esteem and this was a group of fantastic artists. I felt unworthy and out of place - probably colored my experience WAH! Thanks so much for the hugs xo

  2. I came to visit after seeing your comment at Claudia's blog. I think your sampler is lovely and I would treasure it were I to have received it. Please don't let someone's disappointment cloud the pride you should have in your work. It is charming and came from your heart. Claudia is right!


    1. Thank you Linda, that's so sweet of you to come visit and for your kind words. I wear my heart on my sleeve, probably much too much - I've been told I'm too tender hearted - not sure if that's possible? Anyway, I'm sure my own issues colored my perceptions.
      Thanks again, happy Friday! xo

  3. What a wonderful time you must have had!! Making and receiving a swap!! Loving all the lace and that butterfly looks like a Belgium Tatted Lace Butterfly!! I bought several when in Belgium and I can't wear them because the flop and roll up. I must get some wool and back them up onto the wool so that I can wear them!!
    So lovely and so much fun!!

    1. Hi Suzan! So nice to see you. I think you told me you were going to attend a painting class? Wishing you lots of fun! You lucky, how wonderful to go to Belgium and bring home lovely lace. Pea green with envy over here! Yes, I had so much fun - so much attention to detail and so much creativity in the air. Heavenly!
      Happy Friday! xo

  4. Your sample is gorgeous!! I love the colors you used!! It look Downton inspired! :) And all those pretty laces and trims, and the cute tea pot! So cute!! I'm sure your partner feels so lucky to have it! :) Wishing you a lovely weekend! xo Holly

    1. Hi Holly! Thank you so much, so very sweet of you. Wishing you a lovely weekend too! xo

  5. I can't sew at all. The needle and I aren't friends and I'm sure my mother's amazing sewing talents have skipped several generations. Your sampler is just beautiful. It's filled with so many pretty embellishments. Such gorgeous trim and I'm completely smitten with that tea pot! I'm sure your partner loves it.

    1. Hi Kim! You're so sweet, thank you! Free form embroidery is way outside of my comfort zone and stitching with a sharp needle gives me the willies - so this was an uber duber mega challenge for me. You have wonderful talent, your work is so charming and makes me smile - you did inherit your moms talent, it just took a different direction.
      Wishing you a lovely Mothers Day with your dear ones! xo

  6. Thank you for mentioning me - and I'm sorry I didn't make it in the photo. I was so excited to take Hope's journaling class I high tailed it back there and got busy. You are so lucky to have won her prize and a class! You'll have to let me know how you like it. Your sampler is lovely - you put a great deal of work into it!

    1. Hi Patty! You're welcome! Oh, I didn't even think about Hope's make and take scheduling - so sorry yours conflicted with the sampler photo. :( I really enjoyed Hope and I love her style and was over the moon happy to have won her raffle. Thank you for your kind words re my sampler - it was so nerve racking for me, silly me!
      Happy Tuesday! xo