Tuesday, May 6, 2014

downton day 2 - classes

Friday morning began with our finding out where our tables were located and who would be our table mates for the Friday and Saturday classes. As we entered the room there was a table with two display boards with bedazzled teaspoons, each with a name on it and table number. Much to my surprise and delight (and introverts relief!), I was seated at the table with my scrapbook pal of many years, Susan and her friends. (Susan's been to many of these Whoopdidoo events - I hoped to sit with her but knew she had so many friends there, after attending so often and was sure it wouldn't happen.) Everyone was so nice and welcoming to this newbie. Thanks so much you guys!

Okay - so a bedazzled teaspoon is pretty exciting in my world and good gosh, there's more!

Name tags, schedules, ribbons and flowers on our chairs, topiaries at each of our places, a candy parasol, a vintage lady thingamabob ... I'm probably missing something? Oh! We were also given that Downton tote too, hanging from the chair - it's full of goodies from the event sponsors and I haven't even explored mine yet. So much to take in.

And then(!) all the other ladies are in a frenzy of whipping out their cameras and taking photos while I stand their with my mouth open LOL.

And then they start flying around the table, leaving gifts for each of us. But I wasn't fast enough to get a photo before gifts starting appearing, they were sooooooo fast! Fortunately I knew to bring ones for my table mates or I would have felt so awful with all this kindness and gifting going on. I think I'll share my table gifts on my swap post ... this is getting so long. 

Our first teacher was Charlotte Lyons, my absolute favorite person in the artist/blogging world, and an honest to goodness, lovely person. This was my third class with Charlotte and always a delight and pleasure.

Then we were given lunch and a little breather before onto our second class.

Our second class was with Andrea Singarella. I'd only one experience with jewelry making prior to her class and that was as a 13 year old making a pair of earrings. So I was all thumbs and hadn't a clue what was going on. Surprisingly I finished my necklace but it's really messy.

I have to tell you, the other ladies, the seasoned event goers, work at the speed of light! Whoa Nellie! I'm a slow poke and they left me in the dust.

Then we had our dinner break, which we were on our own for. My husband came and we had dinner together at the hotel restaurant. 

Day 2 continued after dinner with the swaps ... more later ...


  1. Thanks for sharing Sally...I'm living vicariously through you & loving it. What lovely things to make. (sigh, have to sign up for something.)

    Looking forward to the next segment.

    1. Hi Pam! So glad you're having fun along with me. It was very intense, so much to see and do and everyone was working so quickly. It wasn't relaxing at all LOL.
      More to come ...

  2. It sounds like it was exciting and overwhelming at the same time. I've never made jewelry and I would have been all thumbs too. Keep the pictures coming!

  3. Thanks for sharing!! Looks like so much fun!! Love everything, it all looks so pretty! Love the pretty lace! Your necklace looks so pretty too, you did a wonderful job!! :) xo Holly

  4. You described it very well, Sally! It's so funny how you described the giving of the gifts - lol