Monday, May 5, 2014

downton day 1 - the fun begins

Welcome to An Affaire at Downton

 (photo of the event above taken by my friend Susan and snatched by me LOL)

98 degree weather, an unrelenting pounding headache and horrible miserable cross town L.A. traffic, couldn't keep me from at least attending a smidge of day one of Downton.

The event was held at the exquisitely perfect Biltmore Hotel, in Downto(w)n Los Angeles.

(above photos from Google Images)

(photos taken by me)

Day 1 was the get acquainted cocktail party, dress up evening and market soirée. (Previously I  wrote that day 1 would include the swaps - that was incorrect, they came the evening of day two.) 

Ack! I'm such a pathetic dud. This is going to be such a disappointment to you all wishing to live vicariously through me! I'm an introvert and shy (a deadly combo for social events). 

I didn't attend the cocktail party (not having the gift of gab, I just about go into the fetal position thinking about it - chit chat is an unsolvable mystery to me) and I didn't dress up either - I had bought a dress in the early days after signing up but it looked so very sad on this chubby old lady body, that I returned it and never could think of, or find, an alternative. WAH! Practically everyone else did come in the most creative and charming attire, so fun to see.

But on to more important things, the details - first things first ... as we entered the room, we were greeted by the maid and footman at the top of my post and offered a fan. Then as we proceeded a little further into the room, there was a table with lovely gift bags with all of our names upon them (Lady Sally), awaiting us and inside there was a charming mirror. I didn't get a photo of the table and I apologize for my extremely uninteresting presentation at home.
And then beyond were the vendor tables. I didn't take any photos of them since artists usually don't like you to photograph their pieces.  I bought fun things from Karla Nathan, Hope Wallace, Christine Barker, Jill Sibbald and Arlene Baker (Arlene doesn't have a blog - she sells gorgeous silk velvets and felt and antique reproduction flower molds). I am now of course kicking myself for not buying something from all of the vendors!  


(Wire Birdcage Kit from Karla Nathan)

(Paper ephemera from Hope Wallace)

(Paper ephemera kit from Christine Barker)

(Flashcards, tags and reproduction ads from Jill Sibbald)

(Silk velvet and felt from Arlene Baker)

(I hadn't intended on buying anything - that was my plan since I'm buried deep underneath so much stuff as it is. But it was too much fun to see artists and bloggers in person and I succumbed. I decided I'd only pick up supplies - I don't have a hairs breadth of space to display stuff in my wee housie.)

I only stayed a short while, having arrived late and having a bad headache, I wanted to get home and hopefully feel better for Day 2 and my first two classes AND all the swaps the very next day. 

Day 2 to follow (hopefully tomorrow) ...


  1. Okay, I'm hooked, can't wait to read tomorrow. If I lived on the west coast I would have made chit chat with you! Sorry you missed the party and had a headache. Love the goodies you bought, and the bag they had for you, Lady Sally. What a gorgeous hotel, just amazing.

    Looking forward to part two! xo

    1. Hi Pam! The hotel - well, I should say the "original" ground floor from the 1920's is so gorgeous! And my gosh, the attention to detail at the event was amazing - I've got so much to share. Next year the theme is going to be The Roaring Twenties. Fun fun fun.
      Happy evening!

  2. What a gorgeous hotel. Such beautiful little details in your bag and it sounds like your vendors were lots of fun. I can't wait to see more too.

    1. Hi Kim! The hotel is so lovely - sadly the first floor is all that remains of the historic site, if I understood correctly. Yes, so many fun and charming details, quite a feast for the eyes, hard to process all of it. Glad you're enjoying it!

  3. I didn't know artists didn't want photos taken. I have a few pics on my blog post about Downton. ugh oh...I didn't like my outfit at all or the hat and looked hideous in it. The others looked so pretty. How honest of you to admit to the social insecurities. I have them too - it's difficult for me to make small talk.I bought lots of ephemera - couldn't get enough of it!!