Wednesday, May 14, 2014

downton day 3

I'm rather pooped out over here, yet another 98 degree day is forecast for Los Angeles (I wrote this in the morning, it may be even hotter - I know there are two new fires in So. Cal. as I write this) - so sick of the heat. It's become oppressive and depressing in its frequency. We never had a winter and now we've had no spring, it's summer all the time. argh. my air conditioning is struggling. sizzle sizzle. grumble grumble.

Day 3 was our second and last day of classes. In the morning we made a lovely keepsake fabric journal with Karen Valentine. I think I will make mine about the the event.

I haven't finished mine (goes without saying!) - lots of bedazzling and frou frou needed yet and of course memories of the weekend.

After a yummy lunch, in the afternoon we made the most charming "dress" garland, with Pamela Huntington. So cute!

Of course nowhere near the finish line on these ... most of us stopped early, wanting to add our own touches from home. Looking forward to pulling out supplies and playing and doing lots of foof foofing to my little dresses.

Day 4 was an all day tour of flea markets, shops, etc. in So. California. Since I have a mountain of stuff to dig out from under as it is, I decided not to go along and the likely possibility of coming home with more.  I am not to be trusted in a shop LOL, no sirree. 

So that was my marvelous time spent at Downton, I hope you've enjoyed coming along with me! I think I'll have some iced tea and daydream about all the fun I had.  

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love the sweet little dresses garland. Did they provide the dresses or give you a pattern? Oh, I think I could rip that off, lol. Looks like you have lots of fun projects to keep you busy. Saw those scary fires on the news, so terrible. Hope you get some relief from the heat also.

    Thanks so much for sharing your Downton Affaire with the "wanna be attendees" like me! I really enjoyed all the posts Lady Sally. :)

  2. What an amazing opportunity. Lots of inspiration. Thank you for sharing it with us. PS. I'm sorry about your extreme weather. It's so hard to imagine that kind of heat. We aren't going to get out of the upper 40s today in West MI. We're having the opposite problem. I'll take the cold over wildfires though.

  3. Oh my goodness I've enjoyed seeing your pretty photos and hearing all about this amazing class!! Such pretty things were made, love the little dress garland and love the journal you made!! I wish I could have gone!! :) 98 degrees....oh you can send some of that warm weather this way. Today here is cold & rainy with a high of 48...I'm so ready for hot, I love it! I will switch you! lol. Enjoy the rest of your week! xo Holly

  4. Hi Sally! I hope it cools off there SOON. I've been hearing about those temps - ay carumba! Your projects look adorable. Hope all is well! xo