Friday, April 11, 2014

hippity hoppity at French General

Yippie! Tomorrow is bunny hooking class at French General, taught by the wonderful Mary Stanley. I'm feeling not-so-great, fingers crossed I feel better tomorrow, I've been looking forward to this class so much!

Does anyone do rug hooking? I've never done it before (YIKES!) but have wanted to learn for years.

And Sunday we have tickets for a Shakespeare play, "A Midsummer's Night Dream" which we've seen before ... but this time, it's done with puppets! (From the same company that did "War Horse" on stage.)  So intrigued and excited to see it.

In other news, I had my physical a couple weeks ago and my blood panel showed I'm anemic ... then my doctor had me have another test to see what my actual Iron levels are, and he said I'm so depleted that I have ZERO iron in my body! WHOA! This has happened before but it's been a number of years and I had hoped all was well, as nothing had been showing up in my blood tests. At any rate, now I know why I have been having no energy at all and have had to drag myself around.

So I'm taking iron supplements that are making me queasy and I have to have a procedure next Friday, which I have to be knocked out for. PHOOEY! No fun. Not only not fun, I'm very anxious about the whole thing. shiver shiver shake ...

I'm still plugging away on my sampler for my swap for the Affaire at Downton event ... I'm about half way done. Such performance anxiety! I wish I could share with you but I don't want my partner to possibly see it before I give it to her in May. I promise to share photos after she's received it.

So, whatcha been up to in the crafty department?! Are you making anything for Easter? I'm enjoying seeing all the darling bunnies and chicks and eggs, etc. on everyone's blogs!

Happy crafty weekend!


  1. You have my sympathy on health issues. Please know I'm thinking of you. You've got me curious about your swap. Can't wait to see something. We're in full Easter crafting/decorating at our house.

    1. Hi Kim! Thanks so much for your good wishes and commiserating with me. I'm enjoying seeing all your darling Easter decor, so much fun! Fingers crossed I get everything done in time for the Downton event - it's a crafty weekend, crafts based on Downton Abbey, this time. My first Kim Caldwell Whoopdidoo - been told to be prepared to be blown away. :)
      Happy weekend to you!

  2. Oh, Sally, I do hope you feel better tomorrow! I think it'd be great fun to learn rug hooking! I haven't made any Easter crafts:( I am absolutely obsessed with crochet at the moment, as always:) I have three different afghans I am working on! Twyla

  3. Hi Sally, I just know you are having a super time today! I did rug latch hooking once, but it looked different than your class. All the fibers were short, but stood up. The bunny is precious, lucky you. Sorry you're not as lucky on the health front but hope you will be feeling bbetter soon. Tests, bleeeeeegh! We all hate them. Be sending you good karma and prayers.

    xo, Pam

  4. My daughter takes some chewable iron tablets that don't bother her too much....

  5. What a lovely bunny!! It appears to be hook rug?? I've hooked a run and it's easy - like large needlepoint. It takes time and you have a lovely product! My Mother always had problems with the lack of iron. We ate a LOT of liver growing up!! I actually like it - for some reason many people don't like liver. Also spinach is a good source of iron. Remember spinach made Popeye strong. On a serious note - Hope that you're doing better and your tests improve!!

  6. Hi Sandy!! Hope you're having a wonderful and fun time! And that you're feeling better, tests are always not so fun, wishing the best for you!! xo Holly

  7. Hi Sally! Thanks for the check in. You got your own stuff goin on....hope all is well.
    Mom and Dad have not been too well lately and between you and me right now...I pulled my back again....sigh. Seems pullin out wheelchairs and walkers is gettin harder...ouchey. I thought I'd get Rednesday up sooner today, but my IP was down. I just got home so I'm posting now. Type ya later.

  8. Hi Sally, It was so nice meeting you last week at Downton. You are lucky to be able to take classes at the French General!! I'm going to read your Downton posts now. :)