Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well if that's the case!

I just read that web searching is good for your brain, keeps your brain youthful. Well if that's the case, my brain is a drooling babe teehee! So scratch that new year's resolution about being on the computer, googling is good for you!

Hoping you all had a lovely Valentine's Day like we did!

Meet me at Third and Fairfax!

We went out to breakfast at our favorite place, Loteria Grill, at the world famous Farmers Market.

(disclaimer - this is not a babe of mine - but I did google for photos and my brain is so youthful and refreshed now bwahahahahhaha!)

Then we walked over to Bob's Donuts and got some donuts for a snackie later in the day.

After getting well provisioned at Bob's, we strolled over to The Grove next door, to Barnes and Noble, for some magazine and book perusing.

Then heading back to our car, we strolled through Farmers Market again, picked up some tantalizing artichokes at a vendor stall and then got some Valentine goodies for our poochie at Three Dog Bakery. ARF ARF!

Then we drove a few short blocks over to LACMA and we were so excited to find out that we could get into the special Renoir exhibit currently on display, Renoir in the 20th Century.

After the exhibit, we skedaddled home for a little lunch and lazed around, until it was time for our whoop-di-doo four course Valentines Day dinner at Real Food Daily, in Santa Monica.

num num num num num num YUMMERS!!!

A very lovely day! Love you sweetheart!

Oh and here's the card I made for hubby for Vday ...

And remember this post about being my dad's tomato?! Look at the back of the Valentine card he sent me this year! Tomato-ness continues! Gave me such a smile when I saw that.


  1. Wow, Sally! I wish I could have come with you two! LOL! I guess that would have ruined the moment. But still...sigh. I miss SoCal! SOB. :)) Mine was very low key. I had a big old Doc appt on Monday morning, I had to fast, etc. I made the appt, so I have no one to thank but ME. We postponed our celebration. Love the card you made the hubby - so cute! xox Pam

  2. Hi Pam!
    I'm sorry you had to go to the doctor! I hope everything is okay?!!
    You're welcome any time! Next time we'll veer to the right (of the country) and pick you up. ;)
    Wishing you and hubby a wonderful vday celebration later on, without the blizzarding weather!

  3. Oh yes, Sally, I must have a very young mind too! Your day looked lovely. Lindsy switched keyboards and that seems to have solved our computer problems for now, thank goodness! So, now I am going to settle back with your interesting list of new blogs you shared yesterday! Thanks! Twyla

  4. Hi Twyla!
    Yippie! I'm so glad that a change of keyboards did the trick. You don't, (or at least I didn't), realize until you can't use the computer, how much of your time it occupies and how much you miss it, huh?!
    Wishing you lots of fun with visiting the blogs!

  5. Oh, what a perfect day Sally. I posted my adventure with Julia Child and thank you for stopping by for our London trip. And for taking us out for your Grand Day out...how lovely.

  6. What a lovely day, sounds like it was fun! And the menu looks great. There is a new vegetarian restaurant here called Blossoming Lotus that we plan to try this weekend I hope. They have a cookbook too, have you heard of them?

  7. What a dreamy day! I spent mine taking my son to meet his girlfriend 45 minutes away. But, it was worth it seeing two 15 year old's in love.

  8. Hi Jenny,
    Oh goodie goodie! I will try to visit later today, can't wait to hear about your time with Julia. :) Loved your gorgeous photos of your trip, you lucky!
    Happy Wednesday!

  9. Hi Lori!
    It was a lovely day! We were so stuffed by the end of the day, we could have rolled all the way home.
    No I haven't heard of Blossoming Lotus but thanks so much for letting me know about their cookbook, I will look for it. (I LOVE cookbooks!)
    Happy Wednesday!

  10. Hi Wyanne!
    Oh! How sweet of you to take your son to meet his girlfriend on Valentine's! They must have been so thrilled to spend it together. Ahhhhh, young love!
    Happy Wednesday!

  11. Hi Sally! I said this on my blog and I'll say it here "PLEASE DO!!!!". I would love for you to take that short little right turn and swing by my house, beep (once will do) and I'll hop right into the back seat. :) I am California dreaming today! LOL! xox

  12. Hi Pam!
    Okie dokie! We will swing by and toot once teehee!
    Hoping you're all thawed out and out and about again!