Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I found the photos

OUCHERS! I woke up with the most miserable headache yesterday (yesterday was Wednesday - I think blogger will still enter this as Wednesday since I began to write it on Wednesday). I needed to get Valentine's Day cards made but never felt like it. WAH! So today is crunch time ... will inspiration strike ... or will she run over to the card store?!!

Anyway, here are some photos that go with this post of mine.

Here we see the Biscuit Borrower Bully with her charming canine companion.

And here we have my moment in the sun - a photo shoot of a safety campaign, with me, my brother, my brothers best friend and actor John Bromfield, of the television series, Sheriff of Cochise. I think the Sheriff found out about my mean biscuit ways and was threatening me with the hoosegow if I didn't relent, as I don't look very happy.

And here I am, round about the time when that seemingly benign looking brother of mine, took me to see Psycho at the tender age of six. (I think I'm older than that in this picture? I think I'm maybe eight in this picture??? My mom never labeled anything dagnabbit.) I think I've just been retraumatized by that mile wide gap in my teeth bwhahahhaha!


  1. Really you too? It's hard to get anything creative done when these hit. Hopefully you're feeling better and on to doing the fun things in life again.

  2. Hi Becky!
    For some reason I've been waking up with sinus headaches the past year - I don't know what's changed??? Such a drag and so frustrating to loose the day to them.
    Hope you have a very Happy Valentine's Day!