Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A soupcon of Sally

My friend, darling Lori, of Run Lori Run, has given me an award. The Honest Scrap Award. Shiver me timbers! Truth be told I'm painfully shy and this sort of thing is a bit (understatement alert!) overwhelming for me. tremble tremble. YIPES! I want to hop a bus and leave town. (This is not the first time I have wanted to run away and hide - Pam, of yoborobo, sweetly gave me awards, which I wriggled out of playing along with - that's how shakey quakey in my boots the attention makes me feel!!!) Per Lori's post, this award goes to bloggers "who put their heart on display as they write from the depths of their soul."

Gulp. Wow. Me? I hope that's true. I would love that to be true. I am more comfortable blending in with the wallpaper, than being noticed. But I do tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and generally what you see, is what you get.

Thank you Lori! You're so very sweet to think of me and give me this award! I will endeavor to carry on and not shirk my responsibilities. ;) I don't think I have ten things to say about myself and I'm sure I don't have ten interesting things to say about myself!!!

1. I quite often say that I love dogs more than people ... well, as a toddler I apparently enjoyed purloining my cocker spaniel's milk bones and would place them up high on the wooden fence, out of her reach. I was a baby bully. There's film to prove it.

2. Also when I was a toddler, I took a header and fell on my face and landed on a tinker toy. More than a half century later, I still have the scar on my eyelid. I often wonder if that was the dog's revenge?

3. My mother loved live theater and began taking me when I was eight years old. I wish I could remember all the wonderful people I saw on the stage but some of them were: Ingrid Bergman, Katherine Hepburn, Rex Harrison, Maggie Smith, Jason Robards, George C. Scott, Ian McKellan.

4. I was a hippie flower child and I went to a hippie private school for my High School years. I embroidered my jeans and chambray shirts, made beaded necklaces and wore peace signs. And lots of turquoise - I wore eight turquoise and coral rings as a teenager. I have such fondness for those days!

5. From the category of what was she thinking - My mother let my brother take me to a screening of Psycho when it first came out - I was six years old, my brother was 13. I replayed the shower scene in my head for years. (Film ratings did not come into being for another eight years.)

6. I am besotted with chocolate. It has been a lifelong love affair.

7. My fifteen minutes of fame - I was in a public service safety campaign when I was little. My brothers best friends family had connections teehee and we were photographed with the star of a television show, "The Sheriff of Cochise" that was popular at the time. (I have photos, I will try and unearth them!)

8. October of this year it will be thirty years that I've lived in this house, pretty amazing! And most exciting of all, it's paid for! WAHOO! Should have had a mortgage burning party, huh?!

9. Born at the right time - I started going to clubs and concerts when I was 13 - I got to sit in the front row of a small theater-in-the-round and see Jim Morrison sing "Light My Fire" and wrap himself around the microphone, I sat mere feet away from Joni Mitchell when she performed at the tiny Troubadour, I saw Cream's farewell concert, I saw Stevie Wonder as an opening act for the Rolling Stones, when he was still "Little Stevie Wonder". Fun Fun Fun!

10. I'm always anxious, don't know the meaning of relaxation or peace of mind. And now I'm fretting that I've bored the stuffing out of you!

Whew! So that's it. Made it to the end. I need a rest cure now teehee. (I don't think I'm going to name three people, I worry about leaving people out and hurt feelings etc.)

Wishing you a whopping Wednesday, full of fun and wonder!


  1. Great list Sally! I am horrible at posting sidebar items and resizing them. I will see what I can figure out when I get home... I can't imagine seeing Psycho at 6-OMG!

  2. Sally! I LOVE the Troubadour - I was trying to remember who I saw there (brain cells dying left and right) and all I came up with was Van Morrison (twice!). You did not bore me in the slightest! I am so jealous that you saw Jim Morrison! :) And you should have a mortgage burning party - with lots of chocolate! xox

  3. Thank you for sharing those tidbits Sally and that is sweet award. This list was very fascinating indeed. Goodness, the stars you actually saw on stage are amazing. What a fun list....Psycho at 6 though...yikes.

  4. Hi Lori!
    Thank you! No worries, I've decided I can live with my King Kong sized graphic bwhahahahhahaa!
    My mom wasn't the most attentive of parents, to say the least, huh?!

  5. Hi Pam!
    Hey! I saw Van Morrison at the Whiskey, right when his first solo album came out with "Brown Eyed Girl" - the opening act for him was the Flying Burrito Brothers, talk about a great show! I wish I could have seen him at the Troubadour, I always liked it better than the Whiskey.
    Shoot. I should have had a mortgage burning party darn it - it's been about three years now - perhaps an anniversary celebration of release from bondage?! I'm thinking a party of two - me and the chocolate! ;)

  6. Hi Jenny!
    You're so sweet, thank you.
    I know YIKES is right! I'm not quite clear if my mom was clueless or just not engaged as a parent? Ay yi yi!