Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday meanderings

WAH! Round 1 of Sally vs Her Infernal Insurance Carrier has begun. Time to dig in and batten down the hatches. We're in for a long, bumpy, frustrating, stressful ride. WAH! whine whimper WAH!

Either I will come out victorious, or I will have to pay a HUGE (emphasis on the HUGE) hospital bill, that I shouldn't have to pay.

Medical insurance coverage should not be a game. One should not have to knock down roadblocks placed in their way to delay and defer and deflect claims. One should not have to wrestle and fight to receive their rightful and due coverage.

grumble grumble snarfle snarfle piffle paffle ... onward and away from the malarkey of meanies to ...

... the delight of Big Love! Boy oh boy! They weren't kidding with their motto for season four, "Hold Tight", huh?! geez Louise. Everything but the kitchen sink is in this season. I still love it but I'm feeling rather like too much is going on, how about you? Too many directions, too many sub plots. Stretched too thin. Maybe it's just me. Goodness knows, I'm cranky these days. I mean I love Sissy Spacek but I don't love her in Big Love. I don't like her as a shark. Woe is me.

Hey! have you noticed ... they seem to have revved the calender up to high speed! I know I can't fight the tide but I'm just not ready for Easter. How can April (yes, April!) be just around the corner??? I think perhaps my holiday brain chemistry is out of whack since I missed Christmas and New Years?! I am positively discombobulated and disoriented. I may resort to celebrating Easter in June and the 4th of July, on Labor Day.

Great Easter crafts from previous years (I haven't gotten to prowling around for 2010 ideas yet):

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  1. Sally, What a fun post for me! My husband and I got HBO free for a trial period and don't you know I became hooked on Big Love! Because the trial was only for a short period, I had to go to Blockbuster to rent episode by episode. Exhaustive and expensive I am waiting for last season to move it's way to the .99 cent aisle. Too funny! A season behind and Sissy Spacek! Wow! I put that up against insurance claiming any day! So good to hear from you! Elizabeth

  2. Hi Sally! I am a few seasons behind on Big Love, but sometimes, after a few seasons of anything, it seems like the writers say to themselves "Okay, what ELSE can happen?" LOL! And I could not agree with you more abou insurance companies. I feel your pain. :) Be brave! xoxoxo Pam

    PS I am in shock that March is just about here. St. Pat's, then Easter! How DID that happen??

  3. Hi Elizabeth!
    So good to see you, thanks for visiting! I'm so glad you've made it home safe and sound from your adventure!
    Isn't Big Love fun?! We watched The Wire that way - some how we missed the first couple of seasons and ended up renting them and doing marathon viewing seasons.
    Happy almost weekend!

  4. Hi Pam!
    The insurance biz stuff is sooooooo stressful - I'm not the confrontational sort and this really takes it's toll on me. But then, that's what they're counting on, isn't it?! The poopheads!
    I think you're right, I think the writers must have gone "what else can we do" and boy, they let their imaginations loose! ;)
    Happy almost weekend!