Friday, February 19, 2010

Watching through my fingers

You can safely read this - there are no Olympics spoilers, nothing is revealed!

My husband had already seen the paper when I got up this morning and I told him not to tell me who won the men's figure skating. I wanted to see the competition and I wanted it to be a surprise. And I avoided the morning news that I always watch - it was so hard to not follow my usual routine. D'oh.

So instead of running my errands (gee ... I wonder what we're going to eat for dinner tonight?!!), I just plopped myself in front of the TV this morning and watched my DVR of the men's figure skating from last night. My heart was in my throat, it made me so nervous!!! I kept looking at my lap, I could barely lift my head up and watch and when I did, I looked through my fingers. Shiver shiver shake.

In case you haven't watched your DVR or Tivo yet, I'll let you discover who won yourself. :)

My favorite, ice dancing, starts tonight, cannot wait! I can still remember Torvill and Dean, from 1984, skating to Bolero. Funny how some things leave such lasting impressions on you.

I guess I had better be off to the market. PHOOEY! I had a wonderful creamy polenta with gorgonzola and roasted cherry tomatoes at a restaurant recently and I think I'll see if I can find a recipe and give it a shot.

We're hoping to get in to see the Oscar nominated animated short films this weekend and if we're lucky the live action shorts too.

What are you up to this weekend? Wishing you lots of fun or relaxation, whatever it is you're in need of!


  1. T and D were and still are my all time favs. Everytime I hear Bolero, I think of them.

    Have a great weekend
    Kate - The Garden Bell - <3 <3 <3

    Spring is on it way, right?

  2. Hi Kate!
    I'm so glad you liked them too and remember them. Hey! Are Torvill and Dean like Ziggy Marley???! ;)
    Longing for the spring too over here. Happy weekend and hoping the BIG PUSH on the remodel front is working!

  3. You read my mind Sally!!!!!

    We just watched the mens final about 5 minutes ago (Tivoed) and wasn't it great!! And every single time I watch pairs skating I think of T& D. I will always compare skaters to them. Where has the grace gone? I know they were ice DANCERS but all the skaters seem to be all about the jumps these days.

    And thanks for all the vegetarian love! Your suggestions are great! I told Beanie about the shout out and she was so proud! It is amazing how naturally it has come for her and how easily we have limited our meat intake.

  4. Hi Lori,
    Isn't the skating fun?! And nervous-making, golly! It's so exciting when a skater has both, the technical ability and the elegance, so amazing.
    You're very welcome for all the veggie-ness! That's so great how committed Beanie is and that's terrific it's been an easy transition for you guys.
    Happy Saturday!

  5. That recipe sounds great! If you figure it out, please post it. :)

  6. I'm enjoying the Olympics so much myself. I love figure skating! That's funny, I still remember the rivalry between Katarina Witt and Debi Thomas in the 1988 Olympics. Twyla

  7. Hi Wyanne!
    Yes, if I make the Crack pie, I sure will post about it! I really want to try it but a whole pie is soooooo dangerous to have in the house - we want to gobble it all up!
    Happy week to you!

  8. Hi Twyla!
    Oh my gosh! I had forgotten all about Debi Thomas! 1988 wasn't a good year in my life, maybe I didn't watch that year??? I sure remember the year Dorothy Hamill won (and that haircut)! I want to say that I even remember Peggy Flemming but perhaps that's just because I've seen the footage so much over the years???
    Happy week to you!