Friday, February 12, 2010

In which I take over the world ...

My secret dream to take over the world has apparently come to fruition, as evidenced by this photo in the L.A. Times this morning! [insert mad evil scientist laugh here!]

(photo by Luis Sinco, Los Angeles Times)

bwahahhahahhaha! How fun is that?! Other fun names the Hollywood sign has been turned into can be found here. It would seem that some well meaning folks want the sign to read "Save the Peak" and not Sallywood! Bah humbug! Back to the laboratory for me.


Well goodness me and blow me down! You guys are gems, you really are!

Darling Jenny, of Pleasant Places, has honored me and my little blog, with an award. (for which she kindly noted that I didn't have to do anything - WHEW! Now that's what this shy soul likes to hear!) Thank you thank you thank you Jenny for noticing me (I feel like Eeyore) and always being so kind and dear!

Please visit Jenny's beautiful blog when you have a chance and say hello!

I just finished making my husband's valentine card and now I need to scoot off and wrap his present before he gets home and I don't have another chance.

Wishing you all lovely and romantic Valentine's Days with your sweeties!


  1. Sally! I love my card - you are so talented! Thank you! And we have been so snowed in I don't have a thing for my poor hubby. WE have decided to postpone Valentine's Day celebrations until mid-week. :) Still, we have wine and food, so we will celebrate. Thank you again for the gorgeous card! xoxoxo

  2. You are most welcome Sally! Thank you so much for the mention. And the Valentines you posted are wonderful. I made the girls a Valentine's banner for Sunday Morning and David and I are writing old fashioned cards for them to find. Other than that I have felt inspired to ....drum roll please....make croissants from scratch ala Julia Child for my family's morning treat. I think I will have to post the results good/bad/and hopfully delicious! Happy Valentine's to you and everyone out there in Sallywood (heehee).

  3. Sally!!!!!!! What can I say? I love love love love love it all. I sent you an email. Right now I am dancing around the room. :) xoxox Pam

  4. Hi Pam!
    I'm so glad to hear both your card and your package arrived! I so didn't want to spill the beans and spoil the surprise, but I was so afraid the package might get left in your mailbox for a bit due to your weather - hopefully the card having arrived before hand helped retain the surprise!
    I'm so thrilled to hear you enjoyed everything, I had such fun assembling it all. (I believe the presentation should be just as much fun as the gift!) I will run over and read your email now.
    Happy nearly Valentine's Day! What's that poem about a loaf a bread, a jug of wine and thou - so you guys are all set, nothing else required in the Valentine's department - wishing you a great one!

  5. Hi Jenny!
    Thanks so much for the "painless" award teehee! I so appreciate not having to talk about myself - even when I am Queen of Sallywood! ;)
    Thank you so much for the kind words about my Valentine's card - I had a lot of fun making them.
    Your Valentine's gifts to your girls sound wonderful and oh my gosh, homemade croissants too! I'll be right over! :) I will eagerly await hearing about how they turned out. (Pain au chocolat is just about my favorite thing in the whole world.)
    Happy Valentine's Day!