Tuesday, February 23, 2010

That's entertainment!

Over the weekend we saw the Oscar nominated animated and live action shorts and also the new Pierce Brosnan, Ewan McGregor movie. WHEW! That was a lot of movie going!

On Saturday we saw the animated shorts and the live action shorts. Because of the way the theater was showing the films, we went to the animated shorts first, then ran and picked up some Chinese food (and Mrs. Fields cookies!), ran home like demons, ate, and drove back to the theater and saw the live action shorts.

We really enjoyed the animated shorts, which included the latest Wallace & Gromit, "A Matter of Loaf and Death". It was released last year on DVD, so we had already seen it but it was so fun to see it again on the big screen. All of the nominees were great fun - and one was especially clever called "Logorama", that had advertising logos everywhere, I mean everywhere. Even the characters were the characters from commercials - Pillsbury Doughboy, Ronald McDonald, the Michelin Man, etc. So clever. (And so very sad to see how much advertising we've allowed ourselves to be bombarded with daily.)

And then ... oh my gosh! Three of the live action shorts were really very heavy this time - child slavery, Chernobyl victims, a shooter at an elementary school. Good gravy! YIKES! And then of the remaining two, one was black humor and one was a light, humorous one.

Then on Sunday we saw "The Ghost Writer". The new Pierce Brosnan, Ewan McGregor mystery suspense movie. SO GOOD!!! Two thumbs way up.


  1. O' Sally I wish I could join you next time...y'all do moving going right. We have also seen "A Matter of Loaf and Death" and it was a chuckler, but my all time fave Wallace and Gromit is still "Curse of the Were-Rabbit" HI-larious! Have fun and I was also curious about Ghostwriter...good to know about the thumbs up. I really like Ewan McGregor...so versatile. He was a dear in Miss Potter with Renee Zellweger.

  2. Hi Jenny!
    I think it was the first time you commented here that you said you loved W&G too. Oh! And you told me that Shaun the Sheep was on TV - who knew?! I caught it once but keep forgetting to look for it. "Curse of the Were-Rabbit" is great! I think it's my favorite too.
    Oh! I love Miss Potter!!! We even bought the DVD of it. Did you by any chance catch the old Masterpiece Theater "The Tale of Beatrix Potter" (aired in the 80's)? So good.
    Happy week to you!

  3. Sally, Are you an Oscar voter? I am so curious. I loved the pattern block you made from Lindsey's tutorial. I'm going to have to try one - too cute! The felt I used for my penny rug I order on Etsy from Paper and String. She makes the cutest little Christmas ornaments. I only like this felt for the colors. It is very soft and thin, I can't embroider on it. The white is heavier felt. Thanks for stopping by! E

  4. Hi Sally! I adore W&G, and you made me want to see that again. :) Cheese!! I will try and sneak out and see The Ghost Writer soon. Happy Wednesday to you - xoxo Pam

  5. so jealous....after reading your reviews thinking I've gotta go this weekend...
    we tried to see Shutter island but the copy sent to the theatre we were at malfunctioned
    halfway into it boohiss but it wasn't living up to my expectations which i admit were very high....like a cross between The Shining and Picnic at Hanging Rock and it was just ok...I'm tough to please!!!

  6. Wow, what a visual feast you had! With the diverse array of subjects were your emotions bouncing all over the place? Whenever I watch films (at least the good ones), I usually get sucked right into them. Watching movies is definitely one of my favorite escapes.

  7. Hi Elizabeth!
    You're so sweet but oh goodness me, no, I'm not an oscar voter - wouldn't that be fun though?!!!
    They show the nominated shorts and the documentaries here in Los Angeles for limited runs so that they can be seen by the academy members but the general public can also attend. Just about our favorite time of year.
    Thank you for your kind words regarding my card, I had so much fun making it. I actually made it before Lindsey posted her tutorial - I linked to the artist who inspired my interpretation if you'd like to see hers.
    Thank you so much for the info re all those glorious felt colors, I'll look forward to seeing her shop!
    Happy Wednesday to you!

  8. Hi Pam,
    Ha! You said CHEESE and I giggled out loud! We were able to get the Wensleydale that Wallace talks about at Whole Foods, so much fun! (and yummy CHEESE!)
    whisper whsiper Hoping you can tiptoe out and catch a flick! ;)
    Happy Wednesday!!! xoxoxox

  9. Hi Maria!
    So much fun to see you here!!!
    The shorts are playing at the Nuart for another week or week and a half if you have any interest in seeing them.
    Oh gosh. Now I'm getting all nervous about my film reviewing ability. ACK! What if you hate it?!
    Bummer! I'm so sorry you got a crappy copy of Shutter Island - especially when it's all about the momentum and the suspense building. I've heard that it's very hard to make sense of - but it sure looks good (and CREEPY!) in the trailer.
    Happy Wednesday!

  10. Hi Becky!
    I found it really hard to adjust to seeing the more weighty subject matter of the live action shorts - I wasn't prepared for it at all. In the past, they had been light. So that really threw me. Now I know for next year. ;)
    Happy Wednesday!

  11. I"m a big animation nut. We saw A Town Called Panic at a Laemmle. It was being shown sporadically, an Academy contender, from 2 French dudes mining a similar humor vein to W & G. It's hilarious, if you ever get the chance to see it. I've been reading reviews of The Ghost Writer that are comparing it to Chinatown. Shutter Island's been getting mixed reviews. It was fun to read your reviews.

  12. Hi Maria,
    Thanks for telling me about that - I just went to their website and it looks hilarious! I'm so sorry we missed it. Love this comment, "a sort of Gallic Monty Python crossed with Art Clokey on acid"!!! Too funny.
    I love mysteries. The Ghost Writer is so beautifully done, so atmospheric. I'm sorry Shutter Island is a snooze - it looked so intriguing.