Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blogging is more fun than

... doing your taxes! How do you like those pearls of wisdom?!

ACK! I hate working on my taxes. This calls for many chocolate chip cookies for fortification and lifting of the spirit, don't you think?! Or perhaps it calls for some of the famous Momofuku Crack Pie?!

Crack Pie recipe adaptation at Los Angeles Times.

And an adaptation of the L.A. Times adaptation, may be found at The Cookbook Chronicles.

Edited to add: Recipe for Momofuku Milk Bar's "Compost Cookies", much lauded by Anderson Cooper.

And best of all, hubby is bringing home Indian food for dinner. No cooking! Tra la la la! All is right with the world!


  1. I have never heard of this pie! I have; however, heard of taxes! Have a great weekend! E

  2. Hi Elizabeth!
    I hadn't heard of it either before I heard mention of the chef/restaurant on Martha Stewart and also Anderson Cooper has talked about Momofuku. Guess it's the hot spot in NY?!
    Hurray hurrah! All done with the taxes and it's the weekend.
    Wishing you a terrific one!

  3. Now that is a name for a pie alright. Never heard of it before. I feel free today too because David is bringing home dinner also. Thank you for your kindness about my croissants and for stopping by my blog. Happy weekend to you too.

  4. Hi Jenny!
    You're very welcome! You are so brave to attempt puff pastry and your croissants looked delish! Sending you a hug and a gold star for bravery. :)
    Isn't it a funny/fun name?! Anderson Cooper has also been mentioning that he loves Momofuku's "Compost Cookies" - they made them on Regis and Kelly recently and they sound like fun too.
    Standing ovation for husbands who bring home dinner!!! Enjoy!
    Happy weekend,