Sunday, February 15, 2015

valentiney show and tell

I made Joyce a little Valentine's Day/Thank You combo card. Well the good old USPS (stinkers!) really let me down for Valentine's Day this year --- taking a whole week to make it to Joyce but thankfully made it right on Valentine's Day. 

I didn't get a good picture of it, drat! I had this silly idea to use this valentine novelty fabric I bought this year behind it and it looks rather like a pyschedelic mess, doesn't it?! phooey. hope I didn't cause you any permanent eye damage ... LOL.

Hope you had a lovely (and crafty) Valentine's Day!


  1. What a lovely Valentine's Day Card!!!
    I know Joyce loves it!!!

  2. So very pretty and what a special way to honor your friendship.

  3. Very pretty Sally, lucky Joyce. I disagree, like the background paper, looks great.

    Computer issues today, this is the 4th time I have tried to post a comment. Success, I hope.

  4. Such a pretty card!!! I love how it looks in the picture!! :) Hope you are having a lovely day! xo Holly