Saturday, February 14, 2015

happy valentines day!

Hope your Valentine's Day is as sweet as can be!

Ours got off to a crazy start to say the least ... I give Missy her pills in a doggie food meatball and this morning she'd start to take it from me and then let it drop to the kitchen floor over and over again ACK! Hubby opened her mouth and she has a lump by her front bottom teeth. I was so overwhelmed by yet another thing happening, that I got an opthalmic migraine - stress triggers them for me - and had to go lay down in the dark for a half hour.

Hubby made me French Toast for breakfast YIPPIE yum yum yum! But the Vet was able to take us if we could come right away so I didn't get to savor and enjoy my special breakfast very much whineeee. Gulp gulp gulp and away we went ...

Turns out she broke one of her front teeth chewing on something - a piece of the sole of my old slipper had broken off ... I was in my craft room and she was sleeping there and then I hear her spitting something out and see it's a piece of the sole. She never chews on anything and here the poor thing chews on my stupid slipper and breaks a tooth. I kept them (like an idiot) for when I take her out in the morning in the backyard and the grass is so moist from the dew - and I can just toss them in the washer and dryer. WAH. kicking myself all over the place.

The vet says we'll just watch and wait but thinks she'll be fine with us doing nothing, that dogs adapt easily. Fingers crossed please please please. I feel so awful ... such a bad doggy mommy.

Speaking of mommies ... MIL went home yesterday evening. She will be getting a Physical Therapist, hopefully one that will come to her apartment. Her spirits are very good.

And my poor Auntie, who also fell (and broke her nose!!!), was moved from the hospital to a convalescent care facility yesterday for further care and therapy.

Hope your Valentine's Day is off to a less chaotic start than ours and you have a lovely day with all your sweetie pies!


  1. Hope your day only got better. We had a nice lunch out and did some shopping. Glad to hear your MIL and aunt are on the mend. Poor Missy, hugs from Doyle.

    1. Hi Pam! Glad you were able to get out and enjoy yourself! Missy says thank you and woof woof to Doyle :)

  2. Hi Sally. Your doggie breaking a tooth reminds me of my daughter's dog who broke both canines lately. Had to have both pulled. Hope things go well for yours. Have a lovely Sunday. On plane flying to LAX. It's amazing to be blogging from way up high!

    1. Hi Patty! I don't know where you're likely to check first - I just responded to your FB message, sorry to be slow. Are you coming out with hubby? I'm about 30 minutes north of your destination. Isn't it amazing you can blog while flying?!
      Oh no! So sorry your daughter's doggy broke two teeth! OUCH! The Vet didn't want to pull another of Missy's teeth, she's got so few ... I can't bear it though, she's obviously uncomfortable - I may have to insist if things don't change right away.
      Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day and enjoy our warm weather in Los Angeles!

  3. my girlfriend has a golden that carries rocks around and has a bunch of broken teeth! crazy dogs! glad it wasnt anything too serious. maybe hubby will make you french toast again soon.. so you can enjoy it a little more!
    have agreat week