Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Helloooo from Los Angeles! Gosh, time is flying, isn't it?!! Already mid February, how can that be?! 

Missy had her surgery on Saturday. The Vet ended removing two lumps, one on her shoulder and one on her head, instead of only the one on her shoulder. Other than waking for her meals, she basically slept from Saturday evening when we picked her up, through the entire day Monday. She had a bit of oomph in her yesterday, hoping even more today.

Oh! I just remembered I haven't shown you some of my photos from Modernica Props, where the Charles Phoenix event was held in December ... here's a glimpse of all the fun for you!

Last but not least (huh?!!), Owl macrame!

Happy Humperoonie Day!

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  1. Hope Missy is feeling better. I would love to visit Modernica Props, how very cool!!!
    Was this your missing post? Not on my blog roll, but I hit the "older post" button on your blog and it brought me here.