Thursday, May 22, 2014

my mothers hat

There were many heart tugging treasures to be found at my parents house after my father passed away. One box yielded my mothers knitted baby bonnets, a tiny chemise, a baby pillowcase and this knitted hat.  I had the feeling that I had seen her wearing it in a photo? I looked and looked and couldn't find the photo again in the mountain of things I had brought home.

Three years down the road - how can the third anniversary have already passed?! I happened to be looking for another family photo and looked through this photo album that my mothers Aunt Agnes kept of her beloved family. Aunt Agnes was unmarried and lived at home with her parents and passed the time adoring all her siblings children and keeping the family memories. She would continue this loving care of her family through the next generation, sending me and my brother greeting cards for every occasion and slipping a couple dollars in at birthday time.


And so I found this photo ... I can't be a hundred percent sure since I can't make out the details of the hat but I believe it is the same one. 

Aunt Agnes has lovingly written "Claire, 1930" ... my mom would have turned nine that year.

Feeling so wistful as June approaches, the month of my mothers birth and Fathers Day. Missing my family so much. 

Joining in Vintage Thingie Thursday with Suzanne at Coloradolady.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

downton day 3

I'm rather pooped out over here, yet another 98 degree day is forecast for Los Angeles (I wrote this in the morning, it may be even hotter - I know there are two new fires in So. Cal. as I write this) - so sick of the heat. It's become oppressive and depressing in its frequency. We never had a winter and now we've had no spring, it's summer all the time. argh. my air conditioning is struggling. sizzle sizzle. grumble grumble.

Day 3 was our second and last day of classes. In the morning we made a lovely keepsake fabric journal with Karen Valentine. I think I will make mine about the the event.

I haven't finished mine (goes without saying!) - lots of bedazzling and frou frou needed yet and of course memories of the weekend.

After a yummy lunch, in the afternoon we made the most charming "dress" garland, with Pamela Huntington. So cute!

Of course nowhere near the finish line on these ... most of us stopped early, wanting to add our own touches from home. Looking forward to pulling out supplies and playing and doing lots of foof foofing to my little dresses.

Day 4 was an all day tour of flea markets, shops, etc. in So. California. Since I have a mountain of stuff to dig out from under as it is, I decided not to go along and the likely possibility of coming home with more.  I am not to be trusted in a shop LOL, no sirree. 

So that was my marvelous time spent at Downton, I hope you've enjoyed coming along with me! I think I'll have some iced tea and daydream about all the fun I had.  

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 12, 2014

downton day 1 and 2 - more more more

ay yi yi ... the spacing is refusing to behave, sorry it's so wonky!
I've tweaked it over and over again
and then it throws another part off center.

Beautiful mural made by Karla Nathan for An Affaire at Downton
Photo by Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon, The Fancy Farmgirl

Photo by Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon, The Fancy Farmgirl

Photo by Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon, The Fancy Farmgirl
A group photo of all the Ladies of Downton,
with our event creator and hostess, Kim Caldwell,
front and center.  Thank you Kim for a wonderful time!

My package for my sampler swap partner -
I found this pretty vintage wallpaper on Etsy for it.
Photo by Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon, The Fancy Farmgirl

I finally opened up my Downton tote bag,
so many great goodies from the sponsors!
Thank you!

Gifts from my table mates - thank you so much
Susan, Tashia, Cheryl, Suzette, Teah and Terry!
Also thank you so much Sue for the darling pendant,
you gave to all of the attendees!

 I gave my table mates fabric from the Andover Downton Abbey line,
vintage buttons,  French General charms, a couple appliques
and a Downton Abbey cast photo. I forgot to photograph
how I wrapped them, darn darn darn!

I made a little card to match the wallpaper wrap.
Well, that's it except for the two remaining classes on Day 3, with teachers Karen Valentine and Pamela Huntington. Fun fun fun!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

downton day 2 - swaps, etc.

(I'm doing this as a sort of diary for myself but I don't know about you, I'm boring my own self over here LOL. So if you're still listening, you're real troopers for reading this and thank you!)

Wonderful gifties from Patty! Thank you!

OH! The most fun thing is to meet fellow bloggers at these things but I'm such a shrinking Violet. Well, I got to meet darling Patty of Patty's Pretty Things. We had talked about meeting on FB and she kindly sought me out and came and talked to me and also gave me darling die cuts. Thank you so much for your kindness Patty, such a delight to meet you! 

I won this wonderful raffle packet from Hope Wallace + an online course! WOOHOO!

There were raffles all day long Friday and Saturday. On Friday I won an item from Hope Wallace, an ephemera package PLUS an Online E-Course of my choosing - couldn't have been more perfect for me. I adore Hope's style!

 Souvenir booklet Make and Take with Hope Wallace

And after dinner, there was a Downton souvenir Make and Take with Hope.  Hope is so darling, and her souvenir idea for our time at this wonderful event was so charming. Looking forward to finishing mine!

There were NINE different swaps ... nine! And all so lovely. Everything was scheduled, so we could see all of the swaps.

Ephemera Souvenir Journal
Fans of Downton
The Abbey Apron
Highclere Haute Headband
Keep Calm and Carry On Clutch
That's My Cup of Tea
Vintage Linen Sampler
Secrets Keeper Vintage Coin Purse
Lady Mary's Altered Glove Storage Box and Gloves

 My sampler for my secret swap partner

I was absolutely terrified of joining a swap. But then I thought I'd regret forever it if I didn't, so I joined the Vintage Linen Sampler Swap.

I'm surprised I'm not wearing a straight jacket and writing this from a rubber room - I about drove myself nuts making my sampler for my partner. I kept changing things, I was so worried about being part of this group of uber talented ladies.

Vintage Linen Sampler Swap Group (Patty! You're missing!)
I'm in the back row, second from left, holding my wonderful 
sampler given to me by Robin, front row, farthest right.

And it was like being in school all over again. We had to go up to the front of the room and present our gift to our partner, in front of the whole room - torture for me. If I could have, I would have run away. After everyone had received their gift from their secret partner, we had a group photo taken. So sorry you missed being in the photo, Patty!

I hope my partner liked hers - I tried so very hard but I just wasn't equal to the talent in the room. Sorry! I feel so disappointed in myself. WAH!

I know I LOVE LOVE LOVE, beyond words, the one I received from my partner!!! Not only is it stupendously wonderful, she came up to me Saturday morning and gave me and antique embroidery hoop hanging, saying she had forgotten to give it to me the night before. Thank you thank you thank you Robin for everything!

Look at all the vintage goodness you guys! She wrapped it in the crocheted scarf and tied it with the pink scarf - the pink fabric is also used as the ruffle at the bottom of the sampler.

And the old ad at the top! "Make plain things beautiful with ... " - oh my gosh, so fantastic.

And all the vintage lace, buttons, bling, etc.!!!  And I adore the vintage hoop.

I'm besotted with it all.

More to come ...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

downton day 2 - classes

Friday morning began with our finding out where our tables were located and who would be our table mates for the Friday and Saturday classes. As we entered the room there was a table with two display boards with bedazzled teaspoons, each with a name on it and table number. Much to my surprise and delight (and introverts relief!), I was seated at the table with my scrapbook pal of many years, Susan and her friends. (Susan's been to many of these Whoopdidoo events - I hoped to sit with her but knew she had so many friends there, after attending so often and was sure it wouldn't happen.) Everyone was so nice and welcoming to this newbie. Thanks so much you guys!

Okay - so a bedazzled teaspoon is pretty exciting in my world and good gosh, there's more!

Name tags, schedules, ribbons and flowers on our chairs, topiaries at each of our places, a candy parasol, a vintage lady thingamabob ... I'm probably missing something? Oh! We were also given that Downton tote too, hanging from the chair - it's full of goodies from the event sponsors and I haven't even explored mine yet. So much to take in.

And then(!) all the other ladies are in a frenzy of whipping out their cameras and taking photos while I stand their with my mouth open LOL.

And then they start flying around the table, leaving gifts for each of us. But I wasn't fast enough to get a photo before gifts starting appearing, they were sooooooo fast! Fortunately I knew to bring ones for my table mates or I would have felt so awful with all this kindness and gifting going on. I think I'll share my table gifts on my swap post ... this is getting so long. 

Our first teacher was Charlotte Lyons, my absolute favorite person in the artist/blogging world, and an honest to goodness, lovely person. This was my third class with Charlotte and always a delight and pleasure.

Then we were given lunch and a little breather before onto our second class.

Our second class was with Andrea Singarella. I'd only one experience with jewelry making prior to her class and that was as a 13 year old making a pair of earrings. So I was all thumbs and hadn't a clue what was going on. Surprisingly I finished my necklace but it's really messy.

I have to tell you, the other ladies, the seasoned event goers, work at the speed of light! Whoa Nellie! I'm a slow poke and they left me in the dust.

Then we had our dinner break, which we were on our own for. My husband came and we had dinner together at the hotel restaurant. 

Day 2 continued after dinner with the swaps ... more later ...