Saturday, August 30, 2014

a spooky swap for all seasons

I received the most deliciously devilishly spooky package from my partner Debbie, of Kitten Creates in today's mail. It was so much fun participating in Linda's A Swap For All Seasons --- I could kick myself from here to China for not doing so earlier.

I opened the outer mailer and inside was this mailer with Halloween images stamped all over it. And then I opened it up and my gosh, what spilled out --- stuff kept coming and coming. See what I mean? Holy Toledo!!!  Thank you so much Debbie for this Halloween extravaganza!

Debbie made me this great card and tag - front

card inside and tag back

and look at this coffin load hahahhaha
of creepy crafty supplies!!!

Thank you thank you thank you Debbie,
I'm going to have so much fun playing with all of this!


  1. Hey Sally...
    It was sooooooooooo much fun to create & gather stuff for you. I'm happy to have met you & that you like all your goodies...enjoy!

  2. Such Fun!!
    That's a treasure chest for a classroom, too!!

  3. Wonderful! So love the card & tag. Delicious destash too.
    camping in a country place with little service, hope this sends. :)

  4. What a fun swap. Especially love those orange bottle caps!