Thursday, August 21, 2014


Heartbroken beyond words to hear about the execution death of journalist James Foley. 

So weary of the utter madness and arrogance of human beings.

All I know is that violence is never ever the answer. 

And I suspect that love always is. I sure can't think of an alternative.

So humbled by the grace and eloquence of James Foley's parents on the news. They said their son just wanted to help, to shine a light ...

In the memory of James Foley and all those men and women who are our eyes and ears and bear witness, more often than not to the worst in we human beings, in order to make our world a better place. I am profoundly grateful.


  1. Beautifully said, Sally. Love is always the answer and some days it seems there is very little of it in our world. His family has shown incredible grace while coming to terms with such unbearable news. My heart is breaking for them. And the world.


  2. So well put Sally. I was literally nauseous when I saw it on the news. So senseless, such a loss of a talented young man for no reason, other than ignorance and hate. So much hate and evil in the world. Thank goodness there is love and joy to counteract it.

  3. It is all so devastating and so very concerning and scarey. I honestly can't bare to watch the news.

  4. Yes it is very sad. But i live in St Louis and our lives are consumed right now by other sad news and events. It is all so upsetting and hard to believe the evil in this world.