Wednesday, August 6, 2014

a swap for all seasons

It's been forever since I've blogged consistently and I find myself at a loss about what to post?? The more time that passes, the harder it is to think of something ... hmmmm ...

My back is a bit better but sadly I lost ground, having had to discontinue my PT until my eye settles down. WAH! I have an appointment with my eye doctor on Monday, fingers crossed I can resume my PT next week. 

I signed up to participate in something really fun - A Swap For All Seasons. This is my very first time. I've enjoyed peeking in at all the fun goings on for quite a while. I decided to dive in for the current one since it's a Halloween swap. Fun fun fun.

While puttering around the house doing housework, my little gray cells are off some place spooky and all a buzz over creating a Halloween card and tag for my partner and also gathering some fun "destash" stuff in orange. 

Also in exciting news, well sort of, I got a new computer. FAST FAST FAST! But ... I'm having such a learning curve ay yi yi. I wanted to add the swap button to my blog post and I can't figure out how to do it - it won't do it the old way. ARGH

(I just did a preview of my post to proof read and my default font wasn't there, what the hoohah is that all about?! sheesh. It kept my font choice for my blog titles but not for my actual blog text. GRRRRR)

(Okay, SUCCESS with my font ... whew)

I'll continue to blunder along over here, hopefully I will solve the mystery and able to add the graphic for the swap soon. 

OH! I think I figured out how to grab the button WOOHOO ... it's the little victories in life, huh, LOL.

Hope you're well and have a Happy Hump Day!


  1. Have fun with your new computer and getting your swap materials together. A Halloween swap will be so much fun to create for! Best wishes with your eye and future PT. Time to get better!

  2. Please take care, As the old saying goings, "if it is not one thing it is another!"

  3. I know what you mean, sometimes I just get a block too and don't know what to blog about!!! But, something usually comes to mind!!!

  4. Ah, the new computer learning curve! I'm still having a love-hate relationship with mine and the new windows, and am steamed that I had to sign up for an msn email so most of the apps would work. Evil geniuses! I'm already thinking mac for next time, lol.

    So glad you joined Iin the fun Halloween swap! Let's start crafting. :)

  5. Yay for a new post and new computer!! It's always "fun" learning a new Halloween swap sounds fun, can't wait to see some Halloween crafts!! :) Have a wonderful weekend!! xo Holly

  6. welcome back and congrats with your new computer!! It always takes a bit to get use to the new technology!! And where to find things!!
    I'm like you --- I've run out of things to blog about!! My Mom enjoys reading my blog and it's our way of catching up - but now the summer is over and I just don't have the time with school back in session!