Thursday, January 31, 2013

hearts and chocolate

Oh goodness me.  I am ashamed to say that I have perhaps been a little too generous ... to myself LOL!  

I'm having one heck of an unbelievable rolling birthday over here - it's turned into a month long event hahahha! It started early with a membership in Little Stitches Handwork Club from Notforgotten Farm (can't wait to receive my first kit!), classes at French General, the miniature show and the quilt show and yesterday I received these cuties I treated myself to from Sweet Nellie on Etsy for my Valentine's Day decor (I've been following her blog for years and always wanted something of hers and now that I'm as old as dirt, I thought this year was the year!). 

AND to keep the birthday bash rolling along, in today's mail came the bestest birthday card from my friend Pam - I fear she has had me under surveillance as this card is a perfect depiction of my relationship with chocolate!

I ordered the most darling of Valentine angels 
and a Valentine garland for my mantle from Sweet Nellie.
Everything was charmingly wrapped and perfection in person.
Can't wait to unfurl my garland and get to decorating!

This is my favorite card Pam, thank you so much!
You have captured my chocolate loving heart to a tee!
Or is that to a "T"?! 
I have indeed spent the month of January like this,
how did you know?!  I laid out too many clues, left too 
many literal crumbs to my true nature, haven't I?!
Can I have a napkin please?  MWAH!


  1. I LOVE stretching birthdays out as LONG as possible. Makes up for the getting older part.

  2. I'm with you. Birthdays are not just one day! You got some good stuff! Happy Birthday!