Tuesday, January 29, 2013

and then there was the quilt show

The continuing birthday saga ... after the miniature show, we went to lunch ... no, make that we got lost and then we went out to lunch LOL. Then we made it to the quilt show and it was insane! Ginormous and packed with people.  Very hard to see anything.  But that did not deter me, nuh uh! I was on a mission for blue fabrics and buttons for my Charlotte Lyons Traveling Needlebook project.  Eureka!  Found some pretty fabric (at Shabby Fabrics) and wonderful buttons at The Button Box (be sure and visit her booth if ever you go to the quilt show).

I also got some oh so yummy hand dyed cottons from Liberty Homestead and they also had some darling antiques toys and stuff at their booth and I had to grab these three little chicks for Easter.  I did briefly lose my mind and buy a bunch of patterns at one booth, ay yi yi.  I better tackle them soon with my squinty middle aged eyeballs and arthritic thumbs.

Hitting two crowded shows in one day was a bit overly ambitious in retrospect but it was a fun birthday gift to myself. 


  1. Sounds like a perfect birthday. Love the chicks. I'm sure you'll have fun tackling all the patterns! Glad you found your blue fabric-wonderful when you're on the hunt and you find just the right thing!

  2. Good Evening Sally, You sound like you have had a lovely birthday. I love Quilting Fayres, but as you say, they are often huge and with so many people vying for the same products....still, like you I still manage to buy some wonderful goodies.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, it was very kind of you. I have enjoyed reading your blog and have become a new follower.
    Best Wishes