Thursday, January 10, 2013

antique wooden plate

Sometimes I'm such a noodle head.  I nearly gave this plate away several times.  Thankfully the fog and inertia of grief kept me from doing so.

I found it at my parents in 2011 after my father passed away. I thought it was charming but I only have so much room in my teeny tiny 1000 square foot home and could not keep everything from my parents house (two and a half times the size of mine).  

It bears an inscription that mystified me but also gave me deja vu.  I could remember my mother showing me the plate but for the life of me, could not remember what she had said about it.  The inscription is very hard to read but somehow as the months passed and through working on our family genealogy, I was finally able to decipher it and recognize it's meaning and origin. 

It reads:

Born 1771 died 1864
Beech wood
From Grandpa
Always ate on this because an "arthen"
plate dulled his knife so.

The key to it all was discovering a long ago family member with the last name Anjavine, which I had never come across until recently.  And then one day I picked up this plate again and looked upon it and turned it over and finally, FINALLY, read the words and read Anjavine for the first time and it made me cry.  A piece of family history and I nearly gave it to the Good Will!  My guardian angel sure had been watching over me and protecting me from myself on this one LOL. 

Joining in the Vintage Thingie Thursday fun with Suzanne at Colorado Lady.


  1. That is very exciting! Do you ever go to any of the genealogy sites and search for your ancestors? It sometimes makes my hair stand on end. You have a treasure there.

  2. Loved your post and the interesting plate story. Glad you have kept it.

  3. Whew! I'm so glad you were able to hold on to it!

    HaPpY vInTaGe ThInGiE tHuRsDaY!
    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  4. Sally, Good save! How interesting too. I think it's amazing you have something that of that age belonging to your family. xo, Pam

  5. What a amazing piece! You know the genealogist in my LOVES it! What a treasure, so glad you still have it. priceless......

  6. Oh how wonderful this piece is! Thank goodness you saved it.


  7. I can't believe the wooden plate is so old and with a family inscription too! Amazing.. and I'm so glad you kept it as it also tell you of a family name you didn't know about. Very unique!Thank you for your sweet and kind visit my friend. Have a great weekend.

  8. Our loved ones and ancestors are closer than we think...they want to be remembered and their stories told. What a wonderful treasure you have!

  9. Another amazing story from you! My jaw dropped with this one! Amazing! Have a great weekend, and PS I've scouted down a vintage pattern for your poodle. I think one is in my future! E

  10. Isn't it like being a detective-discovering things about your family? The plate is wonderful -I'm so glad you have it!

  11. How wonderful that you hung onto your wooden plate!!
    I believe your guardian angel's name is-- Grandpa
    Anjavine !!! Finally --- he can rest :-}}

  12. What an amazing story! I'm so glad you have held on to such a fabulous piece of family history. Proof that God is always in the plan!
    Hugs and happiness,