Friday, January 25, 2013

it's raining it's pouring

it's raining
it's pouring
the old doggies are snoring ...

It's raining here today so we're all cooped up in the house.  Some of us are dreaming doggie dreams while I've been reorganizing and consolidating drawers in my craft room. 

I've emptied three small drawers, one large box and two small boxes ... there's still much to be done dagnabbit! 

What to do with all of my magazines???  I thought I'd get rid of my Somerset Studio magazines since I never find the time to look at them anymore ... but no, I had to go and start thumbing through a couple of them and now the craft hoarder in me doesn't want to get rid of them. WAH! 

Are you a keeper of things or a minimalist

And by the way, do you have any insight into WHY I had to have so many craft punches?!  Sheesh!  There must a special name for this disorder LOL.  And all the rubber stamps I had to have that I never use. 

I'm starting to twitch ... better not think about it anymore hahahhahahhahha ...

Happy happy weekend to you!


  1. Laughing at you...because I see myself! Could never be a minimalist, but need to learn not to be such a keeper. It's snowing...good time to organize but I did not. Good for you for starting to tackle it Sally!

    Such cute doggie photos! Love them!!!

  2. I'm stopping by to say Happy Birthday! I hope you are taking today to HAVE FUN and eat some cake! Have a special day! All of that stuff can wait! I sure need to do that, too. But as soon as I throw something out....I need it! lol HAVE FUN today!