Saturday, February 2, 2013

valentines from mom

Treasures of the heart, valentine gifts from my mom to me.
Royal Doulton annual Valentine plate from 1977
and two darling teddies with hearts.

Joining along in the fun with Claudia
on A Favorite Thing Saturdays
at Mockingbird Hill Cottage.


  1. How dear! That pate is gorgeous! Ahh... 1977; that was a good year!

  2. Teddies are adorable!! So sweet of your Mom.

  3. Oh, how lovely, Sally. And priceless.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  4. Love the plate, and teddies are so cute. Wonderful to have gifts from your Mom that you've saved. Hugs, Pam

  5. The plate is so pretty, Sally. How wonderful to have these gifts from your Mom!

  6. Happy Birthday to You! You don't look a post older! How very sweet the gifts are your mother has given you. They are so you! I loved your quilt post, those little miniatures! You always make me smile! E

  7. Sally, I had to come back after your hilarious comment. No we don't flip houses, we used to think about doing that, but not with the economy and age creeping in. We downsized about a year and a half ago-so that's why you see all the redo's. In the old house, it was getting it ready to sell-we pretty much redid that kitchen. This house is for me. I wasn't going to wait 10 years to enjoy stuff. So that's why I'm on a mission to get things done NOW! Anyway thanks for the sweet comment and let me know if you ever decide to paint-I think I'm qualified to give advice now. Have a good one!

  8. Ah such sweet gifts! ALL are adorable! :)

  9. What wonderful gifts, Sally! Those teddies are adorable, I love that one of them seems to be looking after the other one.

  10. I am so not prepared for Valentine's Day! What wonderful keepsakes!

  11. Hello, my sweet friend,
    Your Valentines treasures are forever ways that your Mom has said "I love you!". They are precious and I'm so glad you shared them.
    I hope you have a wonderful week and that this Valentine's Day you know you are loved.
    Blessings and Valentines hugs,
    Carolynn xoxo
    Thank you for your loving comment. My Grammy heart is bursting with joy and it's so good to be home!