Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend update

I was hoping since my dad had improved enough to go into the rehab facility that the weekend would be a "non-event" ... no such luck.

I spoke with my dad yesterday and he was pretty loopy and out of it - he's had periods of disorientation with every hospitalization and we've been told that it's pretty typical with elderly patients. He called me "Mom" and said he'd like some eggs. And then he was babbling happily to himself in words I couldn't understand.

Well, his girlfriend just called me and he's still out of it - doesn't know who he is or where he is - that's never happened before. Before he'd say some off the wall stuff and then come back to reality - now he's just out there, in some other orbit, for more than a day.


I asked MDGF why the nurses don't react/respond/comment on, my dad's disorientation and she said it's because there are all sorts of patients there with dementia and Alzheimer's - I said but my dad doesn't have dementia or Alzheimer's and she told me that my dad had been put on a drug that Alzheimer patients take - he was prescribed it for memory loss.

So she surmises that the nurses see that med on his chart and think he is a dementia or Alzheimer patient and pay no attention.


Thankfully his own doctor is the one on call today and he will come by and visit my father later today.

So frightening.

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  1. Hi Sally, dang. I'm sorry that things are not going better. I wasn't impressed at all when my Grandma was in "rehab", and it was supposed to be a good one. I am praying for you guys. I know how hard it is on the whole family. Your Dad's girlfriend must be at her wits end with those folks too. I hope that they adjust his meds and he feels like himself again soon. :>)