Thursday, February 3, 2011

How did it get to be Thursday?!

UPDATE 2/3/11 1:45 PST: I wanted to let you guys know that my dad called me at Noon to say Hello! Whoopie! tra la tra la

Now if I could just speak more than a few words without doubling over in coughs!


YIKES! I seem to have lost days at a time over here. The days are just smooshing together, filled with little sleep, coughing fits and anxiety over my father.

The pharmacy is only a couple of blocks from me so like a twit I decided to just go pick up my antibiotics there yesterday, rather than wait for a delivery. My legs felt like wiggly JELLO! It all felt so surreal, like the real world was some alien planet. My head feels as though it's stuffed with cotton wool or whatever the saying is - maybe my doggie left some of her toys in my ear teehee!

The oddest thing of all was that I ran into my dad's girlfriend (henceforward to be known as "MDGF") at the drug store! I was so surprised that she had left the hospital and my dad. I yoo-hoo'ed her and we spoke for a brief moment before I succumbed to the bazillionth coughing fit of recent days.

The good news was that she told me that she had mentioned to my dad before she left for her errand, that some college game was going to be on TV and my dad got all excited about it and said YIPPIE!

YEAH! He understood and he responded.

And I just talked to her this morning and he is lucid and responding to prompts and questions and even, conversant. MDGF said that my dad was out of the room and having a procedure done, otherwise she knew he'd want to say Hello to me.

Doing a small, grateful, happy dance over here and daring to exhale.

Thank you so much for your continued care, concern, prayers and friendship.


  1. Even in our darkest days, you never know when a little sunshine will peek through. Trust you and family will be feeling much better soon.

  2. That's great news, Sally!
    Now take care of yourself and get some sleep. :-)

  3. Hi Sally, oh, that is such great news. As for you, you did get some fresh air and were ABLE to get out of the house, even if it wore you out. Keep getting well! I'm rooting for and praying for all of you to have a clean bill of health by this weekend. :>)


  4. Oh I am so glad your dad felt well enough to call you. Just keep loving your Daddy!