Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday blog love

Ay yi yi! I'm um, trying to make darling Elizabeth's delightful Valentine doggies and ... failing miserably over here. WAH!!! Pipe cleaner crafts are for small children, aren't they? SOB! And I can't find my glue - I'm sure if they had their eyeballs and hearts attached, they'd be a little cuter ... wah! Oh! I did notice that Elizabeth's chenille stems are oh so much nicer than mine, the fringe on hers is longer and softer than on mine. I got mine at Michael's - I'll have to go ask E where she got hers!

Sally, down in a deep dark crafting hole today bwhahahhahhahaha

(more Valentine fun on my new heart blog too!)

And ... Sitting around sick, iPad in hand, planted on my ever expanding posterior, has led to this MAMMOTH list of yummy blogs! (There are even more ... don't want to make your brains explode ... am saving them for later!)

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  1. Sally, Can you hear me giggling? These pooches are really making the rounds! I used exactly the same cleaners as you did for my Poodles in Paris! The fluffy white ones are just for that particular fluffy fella. Easily found at Michaels or JoAnnes or WalMart. Your's are perfect! You just haven't given them their eyes and tounge yet! Wait and see! A hint that may help, make neck shorter, more coils for head about 6. Don't be afraid to smush them into shape! Oh I am definitely checking back on this one! You have simply made my day! E

  2. Hi Sally ... well, things must be looking up around there. Yay. I love your little Valentine's animals.

    God bless,