Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's nice to be seen

a small update 2/16/11 10:00 AM PST - my dad's girlfriend just called me and said "Today's a really good day". WAHOO! She said that Dad is doing better and that his kidney's were doing well - I didn't know anything to the contrary about his kidneys but that's good to hear. She put my dad on the phone and he said he's doing well and to tell everyone he's feeling good. Which is of course a monumental overstatement but so very wonderful and reassuring to hear!!! Hurray for Daddy!

We saw my Dad in ICU yesterday. He was sleeping when we arrived. We stood on each side of the bed and looked down at him and after a bit, he stirred. My husband said "It's good to see you Bob" and my Dad replied "It's good to be seen". major heart melt! He went on to ask what the weather was like outside and we told him that it had rained and he replied with surprise "It did?!". And then he went back to snoozing.

We don't know anything further yet. We did run into his Social Worker and she seemed very nice and assured us up and down that they would find him an after care facility that also provides medical care this time.

Well sheesh! Ya think?!

Sorry, I'm really miffed (whopping understatement) about the huge holes in my Dad's care. ARGH!

I didn't get a chance to share this with you before ... on Valentine's Day, a card came for me, from my Dad! So surreal and freaky, to receive as I was hurrying out the door to the Emergency Room to see my father, terrified of the news ... obviously it had been picked out before he went into the hospital and his girlfriend had mailed it off (just before the darkest of days arrived, unbeknownst to her), to make it to me on Valentine's Day. sniffle sniffle SOB Happy Valentine's Day Dad!


  1. Sally, that card made me tear up. How sweet that your Dad still sends you a Valentine's card. Wow. So glad your dad is "being seen". Here's is hoping that the social worker's assurances will come to pass.

  2. Sally, I've been dying to talk to you-I just read thru all the updates on your Dad.It's awful to be without internet. You have really been on a roller coaster ride-not a fun one either! It sounds like he's on the up side now-Happy for you. The card is wonderful.We've been on a similar ride here. My Dad is really weak-can't hardly get up from the couch by himself. We're not sure what's going to happen now that' he's here with us. We're just taking it day by day. He was too weak to be on his own, so we'll give him some help and wait. He's got a severe type of anemia, and he gets so low in iron that he gets light headed and falls down. The last one was pretty bad. This whole thing makes me want to really start exercising and eating right, of coarse there's no guarantee. Anyway, I've been rambling on-I just wanted you to know I've been thinking of you every day. We'll get through these tough times somehow. Happy Belated Valentines Day!

  3. Hi Sally, boy I am happy to hear your good news! I hope that he will be able to go home from the hospital and not have to go back to the nursing home. Yay, and I am so happy that you got your card!

    God bless,

  4. That nis great news Sally! The thing with health in Ohio that is the norm. Mom and Dad took care of my Great-Grandpa, Grandpa, and Grandma....Suffice to say the specialists and family Doc wanted to know if Mom and Dad wanted to start a facility since the care the gave and kept on top of is reletively unheard of. Their reply...You are kidding right?! Fast forward 10 years and now M and D are 70..just with specialist visits it's a pain.
    Dad has pulomary fibrosis...hystoplastys....
    farmers lung...COPD...take your pick, but they can't figure out exactly what. He has taken experimental meds that were to clear up Pul. Fib, but it just caused more problems..taken off it, but now gets infections in his lungs. Thay aren't sure if it's the meds or the progression of the illness. Scary stuff either way.

  5. That is a sweet card . I am praying for your Dad . I hope He is better soon .