Saturday, February 26, 2011

One foot in front of the other

UPDATE: Saturday 9 Am PST - No sooner had I hit publish than the phone rang. My dad's girlfriend said my father is experiencing difficulty breathing. My dad asked to speak with me and he said it "had been a really long day" - I guess he meant "night". He said he felt a little better now and did express that he was happy about his business again.

Please think a good thought that my father will be comfortable. Thank you!


Every day we hear the same words ... we will get your father up today and move him out of ICU ... ARGH!

Apparently they don't really bother with PT in the ICU ... but they do tell you that your relative is severely deconditioned from laying around for weeks. No kidding. GRRRRRRR!

Thank heavens every few days my dad has had a very nice male nurse and he was willing to (try to) lift my dad up and position him on the edge of the bed yesterday. He helped my dad to sit up twice yesterday and the effort really pooped my dad out (understatement) but hopefully that's just a beginning on the road to recovering some body strength.

The pulmonary doctor said my dad's blood gases were much improved, YIPPIE! My dad has known him for a number of years and they're so cute together - the doctor always comes in with a golf joke or anecdote to cheer my major golfing-nut dad up.

They were to move my father out of ICU yesterday but there wasn't a bed available on another floor for him yet ... at least this time the issue was a lack of a bed for him.

Depending on how he does after he is moved out of ICU, we will decide whether or not we will rescind the hospice care order and choose regular home care instead, or not. My father's own doctor says that there are advantages to both and that we will review our options after the weekend.

If he is with-it mentally at the time of his release from the hospital, we know that the very word and thought of "Hospice" will be devastating to him.

He was barely "there" when we made the decision earlier and now he is conversant (and even making business calls to clients - he is so very thrilled over a new contract!). That said, he is experiencing difficulty breathing, just laying down, with no exertion.

Wishing you all a great weekend! Do you have any fun plans? We have theater tickets on Sunday and will be seeing a play starring Jane Fonda (I think it's her return to the stage after a gazillion years), not realizing it conflicts with the Oscars! Thankfully we're seeing the matinee but we'll still have to scurry home quickly - after picking up something yummy on the way home for dinner, of course. Three cheers for DVR's.

Thank you again so much for your continued care, concern and friendship, it means so much to me!

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  1. Sally - I am just stopping in to tell you I am thinking of you and your Dad. Sending you all good thoughts and prayers. I know this is all very hard for you. xoxox - Pam