Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I just talked to my Dad!

a little update: My dad's girlfriend just called me and she said the nurse told her that their current theory is severe dehydration and his oxygen levels were really low.


How could they miss dehydration?! (we're talking about the most basic of things!) & How could they not be on top of a COPD's patients oxygen levels?!

Someone over here named Sally, is very cranky right now after hearing that GRRRRRRRRR!

My dad's girlfriend said he is still having some loopy moments but we're so thankful that he is a little improved today.

whew ...



My Dad's girlfriend just called me and said "Would you like to speak to your Dad?!"!!!

And then my Dad got on the phone and I could understand every word.

Doing a jig over here! Can you feel my smile all the way over there?! Bet you can!

We don't know what any of the test results were yet but we do know that he was dehydrated, has a bladder infection, he wasn't able to exhale the CO2, etc., all of which could account for his odd symptoms.

Oh! I forgot to ask him if he'd run into Elizabeth (Taylor) yet teehee!

(I had begun to write the following post before the phone rang...)

We spent several hours at the Emergency Room yesterday. They had taken all sorts of blood tests and a chest xray by the short time later when we got there but didn't know anything yet.

My father recognized me and said my name, which was an improvement over Sunday at the rehab facility. He asked what time it was and what was going on - so in the midst of all of this chaos, he seemed to be a bit more with it.

The ER doctor ordered a different kind of mask for my father, as he wasn't able to exhale the CO2. Within a half hour, his color looked better and he was twitching less and he finally appeared to be resting, rather than agitated.

The only news we received was that they did find out that he was dehydrated and had a bladder infection and fluid in his lungs and they were going to do a brain scan to determine if he'd had a stroke.

He was admitted to ICU (he can schmooz with Elizabeth Taylor!). Cedars seems to be determined to get to the bottom of this, thank heavens!

We feel that the previous hospital released him too quickly and that the rehab center didn't monitor him as a COPD patient should be. ARGH!

And that's for someone who has the ability to have the best of care, it terrifies me to think of what happens to people who have no insurance and/or are unable to be their own advocate or have family or friends watching out for them!

I am waiting for the plumber - we have a leak under the house - when it rains it pours, huh?!

I will update after I have spoken to my dad's girlfriend.


  1. Here's a hug for you...or a wish for a hug. What a roller coaster of changes in each day. Sorry too for your plumbing issues.

  2. Glad things are turning around; He seems better! xXx It is so hard n' frustrating(the medical community)! Hang in there~

  3. Hi Sally, I'm really relieved your Dad's better. Mine won't eat. Won't walk a little like he's supposed to...His infection is gone from his lung which makes it better on his breathing, but nobody can figure why he's in the Don't tell me what to do mode. Sigh
    Poot Mom is beside herself. I'm off to bed....
    I am pooped.