Sunday, September 20, 2009

Skelly love

Things are getting delightfully spooky out there.

My new blog friend Lori, of Run Lori Run, makes the most darling softies. She recently made this darling girl, Ruthie. Lori says that Ruthie is ready for some fun and I believe her! Look at those spidey's on her skelly legs, so cute!
Lori's Etsy Store

How about carving your own skelly stamps like these from Kleas? Aren't they great?!

Image from Kleas flickr set
Kleas blog

And how about some skelly sammiches for smackerels ...

Calavera Sandwich

and some skelly love cupcakes for dessert ...

image found on Flickr


  1. Thank you, thank you for featuring me! I absolutely love the ideas you have for Day of the Dead! We plan to have a party this year and I think the sandwiches and cupcakes are perfect! Great ideas!! :)

  2. Hi Lori!

    You're so very welcome, my pleasure. :)

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the links, they looked like fun to me. I'll look forward to hearing all about your party!