Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Halloween has been temporarily interrupted

... for Christmas!

Brace yourself. Take a deep breath. The frantic holiday frenzy begins.

I went to the bookstore this morning to pick up the new Dan Brown book - instead I came home with a pile of holiday magazines. Tis the season!


  1. OK, a woman who shares my addiction to magazines! (I bought the baking one too!) During the holidays- Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas- I buy all of them even though I buy them every year and how many coffee cake recipes does one woman need??? :)

  2. Hi Lori!

    Yippie! So very glad to know I'm not the only one to succumb to holiday magazine madness!

    Beware of Barnes & Noble! Good grief, there was a whole table of Halloween magazines and books. I nearly bought the Phyllis Hoffman Halloween magazine too, I wanted it so much. I'm not even quite sure why? They must be practicing mind control at B&N and I fell victim bwhahahhaha!

  3. I Love magazines this time of year! Isn't that Holiday Cards one just packed with beautiful things?! Twyla

  4. Hi Twyla!
    Me too, although crazed and obsessed may be a better description for me! ;)
    Yes, I love the card magazine too. Do you and Lindsey make your holiday cards? I only make a few for my crafty friends.
    Happy holiday day dreaming to you!