Saturday, September 19, 2009

Artistic Affaire Market Soiree

Oh you guys! This was so much fun!

What a thrill to match faces with names, of beloved artists and bloggers. AND my gosh, all the wonderful creative things on sale. WOWIE. I wish you all could have been there. And to be blessed with a friend like Susan, who knew so many of the artists/bloggers and also the participants she's met at previous Artistic Affaire events and would introduce me to everyone.

The lovely Kim Caldwell, who organizes and puts on these oh so special events, came up to me and introduced herself - which you know was such a gift for shy me. Everything was so beautifully done, I can't say enough good things about it. I hope some day I'm lucky enough to attend one of the class events.

I said a few words to Amy Powers of inspireco, Holly Stinnett of Holly Loves Art , Candice Carpenter of Peacoats and Party Hats, and Ruth Rae. Yabba dabba doo. Yeah me!

Unfortunately the other artists were occupied when I happened by their tables and I missed getting to speak to them. I've been suffering with a stinkin' headache for two days - so I would have lingered awhile longer if I'd felt better - and possibly gotten to meet more people.

But Mission Accomplished. WAHOO! I was the first to pick up one of the (only four!) embroidery kits that Amy Powers mentioned on her blog and brought to the event. So darling!

Poor Susan, I convinced her to get there really early, fearing a line and I so wanted to get one (of the ONLY four teehee) embroidery kits that Amy was bringing. The nice thing was that meant that I got to be introduced to other people as we waited outside, before the all important SHOPPING began.

I asked a couple of eager shoppers :) what they wanted to pick up most and so on, until two charming women arrived and it turned out that one of the women wanted the Amy Powers embroidery kit as much as I did. So we did a mock tussle and dash for the entry door.

So Amy, please know you had one of the hot ticket items!

I also got the neatest Halloween pin from Holly Stinnett with a vintage image - so terrific! And I got a mini Halloween banner kit and some Halloween bits and bobs from Candice Carpenter and I also bought some beautiful vintage wallpaper from Kim Caldwell.

I would have loved to have come home with everything - I mean EVERYTHING! I can't remember the last time I went somewhere and liked everything my eyes landed upon?! And everyone was so nice and genuine and gosh, so very creative and talented. It was exhilarating and inspiring to witness.

Truly a delightful evening!


  1. What a fun and inspiring event, you lucky girl! I love Ruth Rae and Julie Haymaker Thompson's work. I'm jealous!!

  2. Hi Lori!

    We're on the same wavelength over here, I was just posting your darling Ruthie as you were commenting! :)

    Oh my gosh, their stuff was so wonderful in person. I actually stammered out a few words to Ruth Rae but didn't get to meet Julie Haymaker Thompson. WAH!