Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm a bit of a sad sack over here

We got a message yesterday that my dad was in the hospital again. He's nearly 91. He was having severe neck and shoulder pain and tummy distress and went to the ER yesterday. We were going to go and see him last night but he told his girlfriend (yup! He has a girlfriend ... live-in girlfriend to boot, at 90! AND he still works!) that he didn't feel like having company. He'd just had an MRI and wasn't feeling well and just wanted to rest.

We went to see him at the hospital today and thankfully he seems to be doing well and he was in great spirits. They're checking out his heart but don't seem to think there is anything wrong. Probably just a combo of arthritis and a tummy bug.

This is his third trip to the hospital in 18 months - the previous two times, he ended up having two surgeries and long hospital stays.

So the holiday weekend is a bit less than the relaxing one we were looking forward to and very much needed.

We had to go to the eye doctor this morning and conveniently, it's nearby a needlework store that turns out to be very nice. I was able to get the two DMC floss colors that my neighborhood store does not carry and several different colors of linens. Yippie! I also found another Blackbird Cross Stitch booklet.

Here's my new Blackbird booklet - they are issuing ones for each month - the clerk told me they have received January through July so far. I liked all of the first seven but had to settle on just one or forget about eating bwahhahhahahha and I chose the February booklet. I love birdies and hearts.

I also found out something wonderful and also damaging to my pocketbook - they are willing and able to order stuff for me. Yahoo! You can bet I'm making a list teehee.

Hey! Recipe success! The Tomato Tarte Tatin I made yesterday was scrumptious! So delicious!! And the carrot cookies were super yummy goodness too.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Sending you good vibes from Portland for your Dad.

  2. Hi Lori,

    Thank you very much for the healing vibes for my Dad! That's so sweet of you and I appreciate it so much!