Thursday, August 13, 2009

woof woof

To know me is to know that I love dogs. Truth to tell, possibly more than people.

I had rescued my first Golden Retriever (hard to believe that was 16 years ago now) and one morning we were out for our walk around the neighborhood. I think Golden Retrievers may well be the Ambassadors of Good Will and Kinship in the world. Wherever you go with a Golden, good cheer ensues and smiles abound.

Anyway, back to this walk Holly and I were enjoying one morning. An elderly woman was approaching us from down the block and as she came up to us, she asked if she could pet Holly. I said of course she could. Her face lit up and she began to pat and stroke Holly's head. She said to me, in a tone just above a whisper, "They're all love you know. Pure love."

Pure love.

Caring for a pet has been proven to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. They give us unconditional love and ask for so very little in return.

Pure love.

A couple of days ago I was clicking on links and one lead to another and another and I've forgotten how I ended up there, but I landed on a blog of a veterinarian. Now you're talking! (How could it get any better you ask?! Well ... she has a tender spot for Goldens too!)

You may have guessed by now that I don't stop at one blog, I've got to see a bazillion more.

arf arf! Doggie links, let the tail wagging begin! (Please note I have some rescue organizations listed already on the sidebar.)

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Labrador Retriever goodies on Etsy

edited to add: I just found "Dogs with Blogs" - hot diggity, um, dog! I may never leave the computer again.


  1. This is wonderful! I Love dogs! I can't resist a dog! Twyla

  2. Hi again Twyla!

    So glad you enjoyed it! Do you have a doggie?

    I'm loving reading about your thrifting purchases - in fact, I want to start collecting vintage dogs. (like I need more knick knacks, good grief!)

  3. Twyla - just in case you have replies to your comments sent to your email address - I just went to your blog and see you have two doggies! Cuties!
    We have a Golden, a very goofy girl.