Thursday, August 20, 2009

A day in which I try to cram yet more books into this house

Yippie yippie yippie! My Amazon order finally appeared yesterday ... the delightful Amanda Soule's new book, "Homemade Home" and the charming Tone Finnager's latest Tilda book, "Sew Sunny Homestyle". AND the complete DVD sets of Twilight Zone and Outer Limits for the hubs, a tardy birthday present.

Darling Charlotte, at House Wren Studio is having a giveaway of Amanda's book, so be sure and run over there if you haven't already and sign up for the drawing before it's too late.

Public Service Announcement: Beware. Beware book lovers.

We packed our books away, all snug in boxes, while we had the living room painted. Well ... somehow our books have mysteriously multiplied - or put on weight (!) while in their boxes.

They no longer fit in their former homes and are driving this book mommy insane. I squeeze and I beg and I tickle and I smoosh and they still don't fit. I think they have invited the neighbors books over to join them. That must be it.


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