Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A peek for Elizabeth

I'm in my very first ever swaparoonie. Shiver shiver shake. This is a little tasty tease for this darling blogger. It may not be a terrific meatloaf Elizabeth, but I'm hoping it's a pretty good appetizer.


  1. Oh Sally, do you know how excited I am by this little peek! I can't wait to receive your block in the mail. You can see yours posted today. It will go out when I have your return address. Thank you so very much for participating in my celebration. I have met the most wonderful women in this creative community. I am so very thankful. Elizabeth

  2. Sally, Back again to say how much I am enjoying going through your blog! Your post about favorite books hits home for me. The little green book was the first given to me by my mother. The Barbie book shown I sent to Lindsey! I can't see a Barbie now without thinking of her. Such a talented girl. Well anyway, now I know why you are exhausted from paint fumes! Too funny! E

  3. Hi Elizabeth!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed your sneak peek of your banner block. Thank you so much for letting me play along with all of you, I enjoyed myself immensely. This was my very first swap - I've been running the other way from them (as fast as I can). Yours felt safe and fun, plus I wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed your blog and celebrate your blog along with you.

    Don't you love Joan Walsh Anglund?! So very charming. & how sweet and generous of you to give Lindsey the Barbie book, she must have been beyond thrilled.

    Off to your blog to take a peek at my block, so very exciting! :)

  4. Now, you know you're supposed to serve your meatloaf knowing you did the best you could! I can't wait to see the whole block, it looks adorable! Twyla

  5. Twyla, you're so funny and I did try. I so wanted to make Elizabeth proud with my meatloaf presentation but it just goes against my family upbringing of self deprecation.

    Baby steps.