Saturday, August 15, 2009

The game's afoot

Do you like (love!) mystery books?

My mother adored them and so I became hooked at an early age. And we loved mystery movies too! Perhaps that will be a topic down the road.

When I was in my twenties, there was a wonderful bookstore called "The Scene of the Crime" nearby and we'd go and get piles of books. Smiles from ear to ear. We had a mission to collect all of Agatha Christie's books - I think we accomplished that, if memory serves??? Well certainly, nearly, at any rate.

They had book signings at the store and I can remember going to see Dick Francis one time and then Jonathan Gash another weekend. Jonathan Gash came with the dapper and charming Ian McShane (who was with his beautiful wife). Jonathan Gash's current book must have come out during the time the series (based on his lead character, the antique dealer), "Lovejoy" was running in England, I don't think it had appeared here on A&E yet.

edited to add: I reread the above paragraph and realized that I neglected to say that Ian McShane starred as Lovejoy in the Lovejoy series - hopefully now it will make some sense that I brought up Ian McShane. Sorry. My typing fingers get ahead of my brain.

(sidetrack: Remember the good old days when A&E used to show wonderful British shows?!!)

Anyway, back to the topic at hand ... although I love to meander and wander all over the place ...

There was a glowing book review for a new mystery, "Wife of the Gods", in the Los Angeles Times this past week. So you know what's at the top of my to do list this weekend - hit the bookstore.


  1. Love your blog, I love mysteries, I'll be back

  2. Sally, You have made my day in more ways than one! We must have a mystery book day! Your post today is so me! From my first Agatha in my Blueberry Summer days I have read and reread them sooo many times. You have inspired me to write a post about them. Yes! Let's have a mystery book day once a month! BY THE WAY, your block came Sally, and I am overcome with joy by how cute it is. The two bluebirds are so me AGAIN, are you sure we aren't the same person! A surprise to me was the little envelope on the back. A mystery! I just went crazy that there was a little note inside. Sunday, I begin joining my blocks together. Look for your block to be posted as well! Sorry so long, I can wander as well; but again, thank you over and over again for all of the kind comments and inspiration that your blogh has given me this past year. Elizabeth

  3. Hi Barbara!

    Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words, I so appreciate them!


  4. Hi Elizabeth!

    Yeah, more mystery lovers! Yes, that'd be so fun to have a mystery book day.

    Oh, I'm so glad to hear my block arrived safely and you like it. Yippie yippie yippie! Tra la la doing the happy dance. Glad you enjoyed the note on the back, I wanted to commemorate the occasion - I love when things are dated and names given.

    You're so very welcome and we'll just be a mutual admiration society! :)