Sunday, August 9, 2009

Twenty one boxes and counting

(very cool video!)

And that's just the living room bookcases. Teeny tiny house, (lovingly) stuffed with books.

Oh what fun I had yesterday - packing up cookbooks and craft books and excitedly muttering, "ooooohhh! I had forgotten about this one" and "ooooohhh, this is a good one!" My husband saying dreamily, "I just want to read now".

It was tough going, not lingering, trudging on, closing up boxes. Today will be the big push, finishing the packing and some moving of furniture. YIKES!

But first, breakfast out - a beloved Sunday ritual, good food, the newspaper at hand. And then, we're joining the ranks of iPhone owners. Oh me. I'm probably the only person on this earth that rarely uses their cell phone. But Apple beckons, with it's come hither eyes and I follow.


  1. I thank you very much for your link toward Un Cœur en Provence, I'm very flattered.
    So I linked your blog here : "Mes lectrices"
    Best wishes.

  2. Hi Laeriss,

    You're welcome. I love your blog, so very beautiful! Thank you very much for your kind words and the link to mine, that's so sweet of you and I appreciate it very much.

    Wishing you a wonderful week.