Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Everything but the kitchen sink

Yesterday we drove out to Sylmar to see the antique automobile collection at The Nethercutt Collection.

My husband had been wanting to see a "Tucker" for years.

It was supposed to be at the Petersen Automotive Museum. We had gone there especially to see it a few years back and it wasn't on display. It was either in storage or on loan for an exhibition, I can't remember now what they told us about it's absence.

This summer we remembered that we had seen a show (another Huell Howser episode!) on PBS about another auto museum in the San Fernando Valley. Husband looks online, yes they have a Tucker.


Off we go.

No Tucker.


Turns out their Tucker is housed in a second museum across the street. You can only get into the second museum Thursday - Saturday and you must make a reservation two to three weeks in advance. (plus they limit the reservations to fifty people) I felt so sad for the out of state and out of country visitors that so wanted to see the second museum and were out of luck.

So no Tucker but we did get to see lots of gorgeous (!!!) cars (and so many names we'd never heard of before - Dort, is the only one that comes to mind right now) and a fully restored Pullman sleeper car and a steam engine. Toot toot!

Then we ran over to Tia Chucha's, the bookstore and cultural center owned by author and poet, Luis J. Rodriguez. We had always wanted to go since seeing him on television (another PBS show) and we were literally minutes away.

I picked up the most charming book at Tia Chucha's about Dia de los Muertos, "A Gift for Abuelita" by Nancy Luenn. It is illustrated with the most amazing cast paper artwork by Robert Chapman. I love the ritual of Dia de los Muertos and the honoring of those that have passed on, the talking about them and remembering. We even made our first altar last year. This year I want to try and make sugar skulls and pan de muerto.

Wait, don't go. There's more. Remember, everything but the kitchen sink. :)

This morning, I made huevos rancheros with soyrizo (we're vegetarian), that I had seen on one of favorite food blogs, Lemonbasil.

So yummy! Thanks so much for the idea Oakley! I made my own red sauce from a recipe from an old Jane Butel Tex Mex cookbook that I've been making for years and sauteed some red pepper and onion, browned the soyrizo, threw in some sauce, placed in it all in a ramekin, topped with eggs and cheese, baked for 350 degrees for fifteen minutes and nummers! So good.

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