Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thank you and some goodies!

While I have a moment when I can sit at my computer - a lull in the painting, that is going on FOREVER, argh! - I wanted to say thank you all for your kind words and commiserating with me over our intruder episode on Friday.

I was so scared Friday night that I slept in my clothes for half of the night (like I did after the 1994 earthquake) and also left a light on all night long in the den. I woke up all night long. WAH! Thankfully I felt better on Saturday and managed to sleep through most of the night last night. (I don't sleep well these days anyway.)

I looked up the crime stats online for our area on Saturday morning and Friday's incident was not mentioned but then I don't know how long it takes them to update the site. (I looked it up online since there's no way I would ever be able to get through to the LAPD without it being an emergency.)

There's someone home, every day, in almost every single house on both sides of the street in the tract, so the teenager certainly didn't watch the neighborhood for any length of time. Or did he just not care???! tremble tremble. That's the really creepy thing ... is he just a knucklehead or something much scarier?

Oh me oh my.

Anyway ...

I wanted to post about something fun! Darling Charlotte, of House Wren Studio is selling a great embroidery pattern through her Etsy shop. She is generously donating a large portion (50%) of the proceeds to the "Sea Turtle Conservancy, an organization working right now to save the turtles in distress in the Gulf." In her post today, she is sharing the finished projects of the wonderful talents of Pam Garrison and Amy Powers.

If you don't know Charlotte, Pam and Amy already, run on over lickety split, make yourself cozy and be prepared to be enchanted!

Also on Saturday I found the most darling blog! Remember my post about my Hitty book? Well goodness me, I discovered there are tons of blogs about Hitty! Who knew?! And here I thought I had a problem with surfing the net too much. Nuh uh. I haven't been doing it enough apparently teehee!

If you're interested in Hitty or dollies or sweetness or times gone by or miniatures ... you must check this blog out (found via the wonderful Piccalilli Days):

A Visit With Hitty
Since this was my first Hitty blog discovery, I felt compelled to click on her commenters names and lo and behold! this led to more Hitty wonderfulness. If you are a complete blog addict like I am, you will click on her commenters and find other Hitty blogs out there ... but I'll give you the shortcut route to all things (well, sort of) Hitty.

Hitty Hannah's Journal (she has Another Look at Hitty Friends on the right sidebar)

Fairie Moon (she has a Hitty Lovers Blogroll on the left sidebar)

Esther Robertson's Hitty's (oh my! so much fun!)

I'm sure there are tons more out there, have fun exploring, you know I will!

Happy Sunday and thanks again for being such kind and dear souls. I appreciate it and you so very much!


  1. Sorry about your scare...and I guess I need to find out who hitty is!

  2. Hi nannykim!
    Thank you for your kind words! and I think you will enjoy Hitty, so very sweet. Oh and you asked what we are painting - it was supposed to be three rooms and the hallway but the hallway has gotten the better of my husband. Oh my gosh, it's been like the thing with no end ... six days and counting. For a hallway. Well I should say that it's the hall closet and the linen closet that have caused such despair. Finding hinges for old cabinets is a hard task at best ... now that they're on, the doors hit and won't close. ACK! Back to the drawing board. I'm ready to throw in the towel and save up the money for a painter to come in.
    Happy coming week to you!

  3. So happy to hear you found A Visit With Hitty! It is such a treat to pop in there as well as the many other "Hitty " blogs. Each one of them has such wonderful eye candy.....I'm always amazed at the great attention to detail in their miniature worlds.

    Good luck with the painting!

    natalie jo

  4. Hi Natalie Jo!
    Thank you so much for visiting my little blog, I just adore your blog! I always look at people's blog rolls and I was so excited to see A Visit With Hitty on yours and it didn't disappoint. So much fun, made even more special by having just found the book.
    Wishing you a lovely week,
    P.S. Thanks so much for the good wishes for the painting, we really need it. :)

  5. I am so sorry about your fright! It is scary, I would be nervous, too! It probable was an isolated incident. He could of had a friend take something and tried to get it back when he wasn't home, there are a lot of scenarios. I hope you can get involved in your new crafts and try to relax again. I know it will take time xXx~

    I am not familiar with Hitty, but will check her out...~

    Take care of you; If you change your routine a bit, it might distract you some!

  6. Hi Ellie!
    I'm so sorry, I just saw your comment now. Thank you so much for your kind words and commiserating with me. You are so right, a distraction is needed, my brain keeps replaying the fear in a loop. Over and over. WAH!
    Happy week to you,