Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shall We Dance on Rednesday

(Please visit Sue at It's A Very Cherry World for more Rednesday fun!)

It's also the Mister's birthday today, Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Please think a good thought for my doggie and me today. I'm off myself to the Dermatologist shortly to have a couple of things removed and biopsied - I'm a bit (a lot!) anxious. And then our doggie will do the same, I found a pea or bean sized lump on her muzzle yesterday. Hopefully it's just one of those cyst things older doggies get. Please please please.

(Edited to add: My doggie has to have surgery to remove the growth on Thursday morning. The vet was concerned since it popped up very quickly, it was hard and sensitive, she didn't want him to touch it. He kept mentioning cancer, facial melanomas being very common in Golden Retrievers. WAH! He did say that it might be nothing but then he'd say it was of concern again. SOB! She's our baby and we love her so very much!!!)

Oh gosh, I really had to root around for something red that wasn't Christmas. I love red but I am rather bereft of red things in my largely "green" home. So I went digging and hopefully came out triumphant. I'm just barely squeaking by this Rednesday with a small twinge of red.

I was looking for my grandmother's red velvet photo album but of course couldn't find it (good gosh, I'm so sick of my unorganized self!) but found these instead which I think are fun - hope they aren't too much of a snooze for you all.

(I'm guessing this is either my grammy's High School Graduation photo or around that time.)
(She is also pictured above in my banner, on the far left side.)

First off, my grandmother's dance program from 1918, with darling itty bitty red pencil. I wonder if this was for her graduation night dance since it says Class of 1918? So sad to think she only had partners for five of the dances. And what do the check marks mean? Did she dance them and the young gentlemen not sign their names or???

My second, slightly red thingie I'm sharing is a quotation book from 1903, given to my grandmother's Aunt when she was 16, by her teacher.

(Sorry, hiding relatives name behind obnoxious yellow post it for safety sake! S/B a red post it for Rednesday!)

I was only going to scan the page above but continued to thumb through and found this page with pressed foliage. Wonder what delightful memory it evoked? Was it picked on a nature walk or picnic with her beau?


  1. Oh this is pretty cool. Love to keep mementos like this. Happy Birthday to your hubby! ^_^

  2. Thanks for visiting today and telling me the story of your friend. The handmade, hand carved canes are the special ones. I love "paper"/ephemera...things like a dance program from 1918 make my heart sing! And the flowers in the Book of Quotations, it just doesn't get better than that, lucky you.

  3. Awww...this was so fun to read. I love this kind of thing. And what a beautiful picture. Don't you love to let your mind wander and think about what might have been?
    Have a wonderful night.

  4. Happy Birthday to your hubby! Prayers just went up for both you and your sweet golden.
    Happy Rednesday!
    The Tattered Tassel

  5. Sally,
    Happy birthday to your Hubs. I love your heritage stuff as always. You have such a treasure chest of vintage family stuff. The dance card is wonderful. I'll be hoping for the best for you and your golden retriever. I know how hard it is to wait stuff out like that. Max has had some health problems in the past and it's awful to go through that. Hopefully everything will be fine!

  6. Those are great vintage keepsakes! Love your grammy's photo!

  7. Happy "B" day to your Mister. I loved the little dance program share. Could you even imagine that in modern times?? That was really special and I'm impressed that it's still in the family.
    I'm sending good thoughts that your fur baby will be just fine.
    Not to worry about your visit to the dermatologist. I'm convinced they all like to just slice a little something off to "take a closer look at". Last month, and $310 later it turns out my little "spot" was nothing. I'm grateful but I sometimes wonder about those doctors.

  8. What wonderful treasured keepsakes! And a Happy Birthday to your Hubby! A special prayer for your precious furbaby!

  9. Sally - those are such lovely keepsakes, and your Gram looks stunning in her pic. Happy Birthday to your hubby! And I will keep your furkid in my heart and prayers. We do love them, don't we? Be brave at the dermatologist!! xox! Pam

  10. I surely will pray for your precious doggy. We love our fur-babies so much it hurts sometimes. Please let us know how she does with her op tomorrow (Thurs). Our Choc Lab is almost 9 yrs old and has developed diabetes and has 2 fused discs. It's really hard to see him age. He's always been our "puppy".

    I've been in your situation with the derm, too. I felt anxious, too and have had many things removed - it's just precautionery, you know. Be a strong girl and maybe treat yourself afterwards.

    Take care~

  11. What wonderful treasures with just the right touch of red. A very idea for your post today. Thanks for your visit.

  12. I hope your hubby had a Happy Birthday ! I pray all went well for you & your doggie . Wonderful heirloom treasures .

  13. Your grandmother was gorgeous! I'm glad you shared some of her treasures with us.